Why My Team Members are Great Sacramento Open House Agents

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You can stick 10 Sacramento Realtors into a room to talk about protocol for Sacramento open house agents and you’ll get 10 different answers about how to do an open house. Every agent has a different opinion. Many of my sellers want to corner our Sacramento open house agents and ask for advice. However, my team members don’t give advice. They tell the sellers to ask their Sacramento listing agent for direction. Just like I would not directly give advice to home buyers working with another agent. We don’t tread on each other’s toes.

However, some Sacramento open house agents can’t turn it off. They talk about everything and answer every question they are asked about somebody else’s listing. They feel like they are doing a good job by helping to answer the seller’s questions. They don’t understand that the listing agent might not see it that way. Especially if they gave conflicting advice that is counter-productive to the way the listing agent sells homes. Now, not only have they said the wrong thing, but the seller doesn’t necessarily like them very much anymore, either.

The best thing Sacramento open house agents can do is not give listing advice. They are holding the house open to find buyers and provide exposure for the listing. If they find residual business among buyers who want to buy some other home, more power to them.  But they should not, under any circumstances, give listing advice. Unless maybe the house is on fire. In that event, they would call 9-1-1.

It’s a tough job for Sacramento open house agents. Sellers are anxious and want the home sold. There is a warm body in the house who holds a real estate license. So they start firing questions toward the agent. What do you think of the price? Should we stage the house? Do you think we should clean out the garage? Those are questions for the listing agent. Not for Sacramento open house agents.

Most Sacramento Realtors know they are not allowed to interfere in another agent’s transaction. So most Realtors don’t violate that. But there are always the handful who forget, who shrug what harm is there? Who blab whatever thoughts pop into their heads. And they won’t last very long as Sacramento open house agents with that kind of behavior. You gotta respect the relationships between sellers and their listing agents.

Members of the Elizabeth Weintraub Team already practice this. I wish every agent did. They greet buyers at the door, introduce themselves to visitors. The team knows enough about the house to talk intelligently to buyers about its condition and wonderful features. We often get offers after a successful open house. They never once give listing advice.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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