Why You Want to Hire a Top Sacramento Agent

Elizabeth at MorimotoMy month of June closings for this top Sacramento agent were enormous and totaled more than $5 million for the past 30 days in the Sacramento region. Lest you think I sit around sipping champagne while cabana boys dangle grapes over my lips and fan me cool in our summer heat let me explain that it only happened once in Maui last month; I actually work very hard to accomplish feats like this. I don’t sell one or two homes a month, that’s not my method of operation. I don’t focus on only one area or one type of million-dollar seller.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I sold more homes last month than a person can count on two hands and my listings outnumber all of a person’s digits. The sales prices of my June closings ranged from $131,000 for a condo in Woodside to $475,000 for a home in Curtis Park. You can see that I’m not solely specializing in the upper-end homes, but I also don’t do a lot of lower-end homes. Most of my sales are right in the middle between the two, where most of the real estate market lies in Sacramento.

Middle of the road is a good place for a Sacramento real estate agent. I am as happy as a cat with a bag of freeze-dried chicken treats.

I am available to sell a home for any seller anywhere in the Sacramento area, from Galt to Lincoln, and it would be highly unusual to run across an area in which I haven’t sold. I sell practically everywhere and over many long years have developed an expertise in a ton of neighborhoods. My pricing estimates are typically spot on. I talked with a woman in Elk Grove last week — because I am a noted as a top agent in Elk Grove — about selling her home. I sent the prospective seller a comparative market analysis showing her that she should expect to list around $465,000.

She did not believe me at first. She was blown away. She was certain her home was worth $399,000 or less. When she realized how much equity she had, she called a mortgage broker to find out how much she could extract at our still incredibly low interest rates around 4% and whether her home would appraise. Sure enough, her appraisal came in at $465K. So she decided to refinance instead. But I hope she will remember me when it does come time to sell.

My system works. I get results. I communicate. If you’re looking for a top Sacramento agent, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. I always have time for you.

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