Top Sacramento Realtor Tips About Working the Listing

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Working the listing means answering the phone, being prepared to talk to agents and buyers.

As a top Sacramento Realtor, I don’t always think about what I do, I just do it. But when I explain to sellers what I do, especially during a listing presentation, stuff comes out of my mouth that sometimes amazes even me because I’m not consciously coming up with those thoughts. They just flow from my day-to-day business operations. When I have to verbalize my actions, that creates a life experience to share with others.

Last week I met with sellers in South Land Park who had initially talked with me while I was on vacation in Mexico. They set aside 3 available appointment time: 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30. They planned to interview 3 top Sacramento Realtors referred to them by an agent friend from the Bay area. I told the seller I would take the first appointment because, after he talks with me, all the agents that follow my presentation will pale by comparison. That’s not bragging, that’s just the way I see it. And yes, they wisely decided to hire me.

I am focused and high energy. I listen. I offer advice. I customize each presentation to meet my seller’s anticipated needs. Nothing is canned or artificial. One of the my top Sacramento Realtor tips about working the listing is to engage with other Realtors. Oh, the very idea! The first day that listing hits the market, I am prepared to answer my phone and talk with buyer’s agents who call with questions. I have answers. I market that listing to each caller and share small details not readily apparent in MLS. I’m upbeat and cheery.

That alone differentiates me from many others. Do you know how many agents never answer their phones? I have worked with listing agents over the past 40-some years with whom I’ve had zero contact during escrow. No emails, no text messages and certainly no voice phone calls. They dumped everything on their assistant or transaction coordinator and did not talk with me once. Many listing agents don’t want to talk to other agents at all. They consider buyer’s agents a “time suck.” I want buyer’s agents to call the listing agent.

I consider buyer’s agents an integral part of the transaction. Because I don’t directly represent buyers. When buyers call me, I’m working the listing, during which I am emphasizing the strong points of the property, I give them advice and put them in touch with a team member. It doesn’t really matter to me if one of my team members bring a buyer or if an agent at another company brings the buyer. What matters is my listing is sold and my sellers are happy.

As a top Sacramento Realtor, I put the needs of my sellers first and I will only represent them. I work that listing. No call goes unanswered, and I encourage cooperation with other buyer’s agents. I answer my phone no matter where I am or what I am doing, or I strive to call back within an hour. I’ll help buyer’s agents to write winning offers as best I can, without stepping on anybody else’s toes or treating anyone unfairly. If you want a home sold, you can call Elizabeth Weintraub, and you can count on me to perform. 916.233.6759.

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