Top Producer Sacramento Real Estate Agents and Objectivity

Call Sacramento Real Estate Agent About Buying a HomeI have often said that if a client works with a top producer Sacramento real estate agent, the client never has to worry about her agent’s objectivity because objectivity is first and foremost. It’s very easy to keep a clients’ interests at the forefront of every transaction when an agent’s income is not affected by whether it closes. I can see some agents reading this blog now and exploding. They might think it sounds like I’m saying agents who don’t do a lot of business will compromise their ethics, and that’s not what I’m implying.

At least not consciously. I don’t believe a real estate agent looks at a pending escrow and contemplates what will happen to the agent if it doesn’t close. Agents are not necessarily counting on every transaction to close in order to pay their mortgage payment or maybe they are, I don’t know. I just know there is no conflict when finances are not a concern. When you’re busy all the time, the money just appears like magic. There is no wondering if you’re doing the right thing when advising a client because you know in your heart that you’re putting the client’s needs first. There is no internal struggle.

Besides, you’re too damn busy to think about yourself. All you have time for is your client’s wishes and desires.

I can recall an instance in the mid 1970s when I was interrupted and asked how long it would take me to finish an appointment with a client. I had been behind closed doors talking with an elderly client for several hours. My answer was it would take as long as it takes. I’m still the same way today, 40 years later. I give my clients all the time they need to make a decision, and I don’t push or shove them into anything they’re not ready to do. I lose some clients this way because I don’t always follow up with them; I figure when they’re ready they’ll call me back — some do, but some get sidetracked.

If sellers want to sell their home, fine, I’ll sell it. If they don’t want to sell, fine, I won’t.  If the buyer makes a demand that the seller doesn’t agree with, the seller can cancel and I’ll endorse that decision — if that’s what the seller really wants. Because if the seller doesn’t care if it closes, I surely do not. If the seller wants to close, I’ll do whatever it takes. It’s very easy to be objective. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that clear objectivity might be a reason why some people struggle a little bit with trusting a real estate agent and sometimes squint at agents out of the corner of their eye.

Sure, I get paid but it’s not my focus. I hope nobody ever looks at me with one eye closed.


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