Why Your Mortgage Lender in Sacramento Matters

Cash-for-keys.300x200Out of the 7 closings this Sacramento real estate agent is working on this week, only 2 transactions, according to the mortgage lenders, are closing are time, which makes closing delays pretty much par for the course for this week. Why? Because of the mortgage lenders. A few of the escrows are delayed because the buyers could not qualify for a conventional loan and were informed at inception that they should choose FHA but instead opted for conventional. Or, at least that their mortgage lender’s story and the guys are sticking to it. In others, everybody else thought somebody else was doing a job that nobody else was doing. Total cluster-you-know-what.

It’s also possible that the buyer’s agent felt the buyer didn’t stand a chance in hell of getting an FHA offer accepted upfront so the agent wrote the purchase contract with conventional terms and obtained the preapproval letter showing conventional financing, figuring who gives a rats if the transaction doesn’t close on time. But most buyer’s agents aren’t that devious. I suspect the truth of why some mortgage lenders can’t perform lies somewhere in between.

When a buyer runs past the closing date, the contract has expired. The seller has the option to cancel the transaction. The seller is not obligated to give the buyer more time to close the escrow. A lawyer might argue on behalf of the buyer and say the buyer invested money for the home inspection, paid for a pest inspection, perhaps other reports, and showed a good faith effort to close. She might say it’s not the buyer’s fault that things were delayed in underwriting or the mortgage lender messed up.

But that’s a tough argument if the contingencies haven’t been released, and the seller might believe the buyer is in breach of contract. The seller might give the buyer a Notice to Perform and then cancel. And let’s face it, many first-time home buyers barely have two nickels to rub together, and they can’t afford to hire a lawyer. So, they better choose a mortgage lender who can properly advise them and then follow that advice.

Here is my advice for home buyers today. For crying out loud, mortgage lenders all have access to pretty much the same ol’ bag of money, and you’re not gonna save 1/2 point here nor there, so pick the mortgage lender in Sacramento who can perform. Pick the company that won’t lead you astray. Pick the loan officer who will have your back. Don’t go with the guy who dishes out apologies when you’ve lost the house.

In all of my years of working with and referring business to Dan Tharp, this mortgage lender in Sacramento has never disappointed.

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