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Is the Sacramento Real Estate Profession Countercultural?

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The Sacramento real estate profession is made up of people from all walks of life.

Most of the agents I know in Sacramento practice our real estate profession honestly, ethically and with integrity. Still, it astounds me when a few bad apples — and why do apples get the rap, what have apples ever done; why isn’t the phrase a few bad grapes, or maybe the California Association of Winegrape Growers cracks a bigger whip — set such terrible examples from which judgments and stereotypes form.

This came up a few days ago because an agent said he was less concerned about his buyer’s disloyalty and more concerned about my honesty because I let him know his buyer was trying to go around him by contacting me directly. He called my alert of his client’s inappropriate contact and solicitation “refreshing.” I call it doing business the way I expect to be treated. It’s that simple. This agent, though, obviously has had a different experience with other agents. read more

Telling Sacramento Sellers What They Don’t Want to Hear

woman gossip retro illustration, polka dots backgroundYou can’t really be an effective Sacramento real estate agent if you’re not willing to tell sellers what they don’t want to hear. That means you have to figure out how to share bad news in such a way that people don’t immediately take off their shoes and start beating on your head. There is a way to frame bad news. Not necessarily like the cat on a roof story.

I don’t know how one can expect a seller, for example, to make a decision without all of the information necessary to weigh the facts and come up with a response. I suspect that some real estate agents are too worried that they will hurt another’s feelings or worse, that maybe the seller won’t list with them if the seller gets upset by the news. But you can’t tiptoe around on little cat feet. That’s not helpful for anybody. read more

Top Producer Sacramento Real Estate Agents and Objectivity

Call Sacramento Real Estate Agent About Buying a HomeI have often said that if a client works with a top producer Sacramento real estate agent, the client never has to worry about her agent’s objectivity because objectivity is first and foremost. It’s very easy to keep a clients’ interests at the forefront of every transaction when an agent’s income is not affected by whether it closes. I can see some agents reading this blog now and exploding. They might think it sounds like I’m saying agents who don’t do a lot of business will compromise their ethics, and that’s not what I’m implying. read more

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