Tips for Handling Disappointing News

dealing with disappointing news

Nobody likes to be stuck in stalled traffic on the Davis Causeway.

Handling disappointing news and dealing with challenging situations is a common everyday occurrence in the life of a Sacramento Realtor. As such a Realtor has a few choices: either handle it, ignore it or dwell on it. Many people choose the latter, dwelling on it, obsessing over it, complaining and whining about it, throwing their very own little pity party, paying for it twice with a hangover or whatever. I tend to look for solutions and try to find some other way to enjoy the experience because we don’t always get to choose what we experience.

My first setback yesterday was the disappointing news that the Regent Seven Seas abruptly canceled our Mediterranean Cruise for next August. When I spotted that cruise in a travel brochure, I immediately jumped on it, begging my husband to arrange for time off so we could go. It started in Barcelona, went to Monte Carlo, a few places in France and Italy, and on to Greece and Turkey. The excuse used by Regent Seven Seas were its shorter distance cruises, same number of days, were more popular, which makes little sense. I wonder if they ever go there?

They offered us a credit toward another cruise but we don’t want another cruise, we want that cruise. It hit the ports we desired to see. Other cruises don’t. It occurred to me that we don’t have to go to the Mediterranean next August. We can go elsewhere, we can tour Spain instead, we have options.

The next disappointing news was finally picking up a key for a duplex in Carmichael I am listing and discovering it did not work. The tenant left a key under the mat for me. It was attached to a card, so it looked like it had not been tested in the lock. It is always my M.O. to insert keys into the locks before putting the keys into a Supra iBox. Always. Without fail. This is for when the buyer’s agents invariably call to complain that the key doesn’t work. I can say YES it DOES. Try again. Without having to rely on my memory.

The key worked in the bottom lock but not the top. I also know enough NOT to leave the top lock unlocked because somebody, somewhere, someday will ultimately lock that top lock somehow, and then we’ll be locked out. This is what 40 years of experience in the real estate business teaches you, to rely on past experiences. The family’s daughter came home and swore up and down the key worked in both locks. You try it, I suggested. Then I called the seller’s adviser in San Diego and asked him to verify the key or keys, whatever it needs, will be placed into the lockbox today, just to try to make sure the family member gets it handled.

On my way back to my home office, I drove to Davis to my vet’s office to pick up a new insulin bottle for our cat, Pica. He is no longer responding well to insulin, so I need to ensure it’s not the insulin itself that is causing the problem. Note to self: do NOT commute to Davis between the hours of 3 PM and 4 PM on a school day. More disappointing news. Utter chaos on Interstate 80, and even Fifth Street was jammed. OK, I can blow up a few Ingress Portals while stuck in traffic. I’m Level 11 now. Silver lining.

I glanced at my music selections. Hmmm . . . haven’t heard Tea for the Tillerman in 30 years or so. You know, you just can’t get irritated in traffic when you’re listening to Cat Stevens. In fact, one might even be tempted to sing along: Oh, Baby, Baby, it’s a Wild World. That was a stupid song in retrospect. Doesn’t matter. It got me across the Causeway.

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