The Top Agents At Lyon Real Estate Downtown Office

top agent lyon real estate downtown

Here is the line up of the top agents at Lyon Real Estate downtown office, serving the greater metro area of Sacramento. I only know this because I found it on Facebook. We did not receive an email about it, and nobody on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team was notified that we rank #1 at Lyon Real Estate downtown office.

But you know what they say, if you find it on Facebook it must be true. No, seriously, this is the ranking for our office because it’s pretty much the same every year. Same players. Still, a call or an email would have been appropriate.

I was not in the office the day this was posted to Facebook because this top Sacramento Realtor was still on vacation in Hawaii. My team members were not in the office, either, as they were out showing homes. They are busy as little beavers this spring, running ragged to meet the increasing demand.

One thing that we do not suffer on our team is to sacrifice superior service. Our clients always come first. Sometimes even before lunch.

But, hey, now you know who is the top agent at Lyon Real Estate downtown office, along with my esteemed colleagues who rank #2 and #3.

Give me a jingle, why doncha, and let’s get to work making your real estate dreams a reality. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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