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Where You Will Find Your Dream Home in Sacramento

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Thinking about a dream home in Sacramento?

Buyers who are looking for a home in Sacramento tend to end up on my Sacramento real estate website because they find the link for homes in the area where they want to live leading to my site. I am not sure why my website tends to rank higher in Google than others but it’s a site I’ve worked very hard to support, and I’ve protected my domain name from inception.

I also create a lot of content for my readers that they find useful. I blog about what happens to me from day to day as a Sacramento real estate agent and woman over 60 who can’t believe that nobody has yet written the book: Shit That Happens to You When You Get Old. This drives readers to see what I’ve been up to. Recently, I’ve added a “subscribe to” link directly to the right of my blogs so my readers can enter an email address and voila! My blog will appear in their email every morning, no more clicking around. But they know that they can always visit my website to find a home in Sacramento.

I love to connect online, reach out to clients and showcase my sellers’ homes to a local as well as nationwide market. Every so often I’ll get an email from an agent who works at any of the smaller competing brokerages around town. They write to say that when they type the address of their listing into Google, some random home in Sacramento, my website pops up. This upsets them to no end, and they accuse me of theft, as though I had anything to do with their non-ability to maintain and promote an online presence.

Every home that is for sale in MLS throughout the Sacramento Valley is on my website, just like you’ll find on any other agent’s website through an IDX. The fact that an address entry into a search engine also directs buyers to my website is a credit to the fact that I am a top producer in Sacramento who sells a ton of homes. I’ve also been writing online for years. I am tough competition for other agents.

Yet, that’s a great benefit to my sellers. If they list with another agent, though, that home in Sacramento could very well be showcased in Google with a link to my website, so they may as well list with this Sacramento real estate agent to start with.


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