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Why Managing Real Estate on Fridays Feels Like Black Friday

managing real estate on fridays

When managing real estate on Fridays, well, it feels like Black Friday. Every issue that came up during the week seems to roll to a Friday. Probably because it is the last day of the work week for most people. It reminds me a bit of Black Fridays.

So much hustle bustle from the lenders, the title companies, the agents and clients. Photographers, pest companies, home inspectors and transaction coordinators all trying to get all their ducks in a row — with a bit of nudging from us, of course. They are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

When managing real estate on Fridays, our team is often left trying to clean up others’ loose ends. The lack of communication, mistakes or tasks they left half-baked are often mind boggling. We are the final stop so no matter what happens in our transactions, where our clients are concerned. We are the party held responsible. Managing real estate on Fridays means we juggle a lot of balls in the air with many moving parts, but we know how to excel in a Black Friday environment.

Did you know that top producers in Sacramento often work 16-plus hour days? We do not have days off over the weekend. We hit it hard 7 days a week, especially on Fridays.

Now, not all the vendors above wait until the last minute. Vendors who work for the Weintraub and Wallace Team are top shelf. They communicate, meet time deadlines and over-deliver much of the time. Our vendors work long hours providing the tools we need to help us avoid the crazy Black Friday rush.

This matters because with new listings we often put them on the market late Thursday or early Friday. Agents are most often looking for new listings on Friday to show buyers over the weekend. Buyers are hunting for advertised open houses to visit over the weekend. The phone rings non stop. So much to do to properly choreograph and launch new listings by Friday.

No matter what happens, even if it means we lose sleep, our team hits it out of the park managing real estate every single day, including Black Fridays. If you want to hire Realtors who work hard on Black Fridays (and every other day), call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

jaci wallace
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