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Do You Want to Hire a Confident Realtor?

hire a confident realtor

Most people, I believe, prefer to hire a confident Realtor. Although, for as long as I can remember, people have admitted that they find me a bit intimidating when we first meet. That kind of reaction is a bit puzzling to me. I mean, I’m no Darth Vader. I’m not a particularly threatening type of person in stature or appearance. People at the post office don’t cross their forefingers and fall to the ground when they see me coming. Yet, I hear over and over that when people get to know me, their initial impression changes. I go from being a big personality to gregarious, friendly and caring.

A Sacramento home buyer called yesterday to ask if I would help her. She had read my blogs on LandParkBlog.com and said she called because I appear “competent without being arrogant and have a sense of humor.” She also believed that I could very assertive if the situation warrants. She didn’t feel intimidated, which was good. Guess she preferred to hire a confident Realtor.

Unfortunately, I had to refer this buyer to a team member because she was interested in buying a commercial property, and that’s an area in which I have no experience. I believe clients deserve an agent with expertise. I specialize in listing and selling throughout Sacramento.

If I had to pick the one thing about me that seems to intimidate people, though, I’d say it must be the confidence I project. I can’t think of any other aspect of my personality that would frighten people. I’m direct. I say what I mean. Lots of people aren’t direct. In retrospect, maybe that’s why so many of my clients are lawyers. I’m not afraid of lawyers, like many agents. In fact, I love working with lawyers.

I shared an observation with a lawyer the other day that the homes she seemed interested in buying were homes priced above her comfort level, and the homes she didn’t like were priced at her comfort level, and asked if that was a correct assessment. She said no, thought about it, but then raised the price of her comfort level. I don’t tell clients what to do; I guide clients to make a decision that is right for them. That’s my job.

See, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with exuding confidence. If some people find a person with confidence scary, maybe that fear comes about because confidence is a trait that is missing in their own personalities. To me, confidence is about knowing your own boundaries, limitations, and not being afraid to exceed them, even at the risk of failure. What do you think? Do you want to hire a confident Realtor?

Elizabeth Weintraub

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