crooks who steal credit cards

Huggos Restaurant in Kona Offer Relaxed Dining and View

huggos restaurant in kona

Huggos Restaurant in Kona serves a sweet Mai Tai and a sour version.

One restaurant I had not yet visited until last Sunday night was Huggos Restaurant in Kona. While looking to buy a house in Hawaii last year, Hella Rothwell and I stopped at Don the Beachcomber restaurant at Royal Kona Resort and also enjoyed drinks and appetizers on another day at Huggos on the Rocks. Both of these places bookend Huggos Restaurant in Kona.

Seemed a good spot for dinner after the rain in Kona. Especially since I had discovered some crook had swiped my credit card information and charged up the ying-yang at Henri Bendel in New York. It was completed online. Which means they also had my billing address. Before leaving for Hawaii, I bought passport photos at Mike’s Camera and had lunch at the sushi place across the street in Midtown Sacramento.

huggos restaurant in Kona

Huggos Restaurant in Kona serves dinner in the lounge and the main room.

I don’t like it when servers and clerks run off with my credit card to process it. This is when they can steal all of your information. I’m not saying it happened at those two places, but the first of 3 charges at Henri Bendel showed up on that day. I’m sure the crooks don’t think about what they put the cardholder through, they probably think it’s a victimless crime, but for me it means notifying a shit-load of vendors who automatically charge my card.

I’ve never shopped at Henri Bendel. Looks like the most expensive thing you could buy there is luggage at $800. Idiot crooks. Why didn’t they rip off Chanel or Saint Laurent? They have no taste.

It also means having to memorize a new set of numbers. Complete inconvenience, but Chase will FedX a new card overnight, so that’s a silver lining to carry a premium card. The last charge on that card was at Huggos Restaurant in Kona. I adored the abalone in butter, coupled with a small plate of bacon sizzled-hot brussel sprouts and broccoli, and topped it off with an arugula salad with strawberries.

huggos restaurant in Kona

Sunday sunset after the rains in Kona.

Well, there was also the Mai Tai, which I am including in this blog for a certain friend who knows who he is. He said enough with the home improvement projects and geckos, where are the umbrella drinks?

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