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Don’t Knock Real Estate Paperwork

Summons for jury dutyThe Sacramento courts are filled with disgruntled buyers who lose case after case because those plaintiffs believe they have justified cause to break the rules of real estate and they found a lawyer willing to file a lawsuit. That’s the interesting thing about our court system. Sometimes you can win, depending on the argument and the lawyer’s strategy. Sometimes you can lose, and get kicked to the curb, but whatever you do, you’ll generally end up paying for the privilege.

Whichever way it goes, nobody really wins. If there is a win of sorts, it can be more often than not bittersweet. People can slam down that open Budweiser, shooting beer into the air, and scream about deserving justice, but our court systems are not really about justice.

Still, it makes sense as a Sacramento real estate agent to document every file and retain every email for each and every real estate transaction. Because the best way to stay out of court is to not get there in the first place and show the opposition there is no case.

Clients wonder why they have to sign piles of paper and so many documents, and this is why. It’s to stay out of court. It’s not to win.

There are people in the world who believe they don’t have to conform to the rules. I have been guilty of that attitude myself, so I understand it. But there are certain types of rules and demands that can’t be ignored. If a police officer finds you sitting in an idling vehicle at the side of the road, for example, slumped over the wheel drunk, you can be pretty well assured you’re going to jail and you’ll lose in court . . . unless, maybe, you’re a legislator.

Don’t ever knock paperwork. When your Sacramento real estate agent presents you with documents to read and sign, there is a good reason. Paperwork is the cornerstone and foundation of real estate.

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