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Pros and Cons About Sleeping on Buying a Home in Sacramento

sleeping on buying a home

My amazing team member Amy McMullan, exclusive buyer’s agent extraordinaire, shared yesterday that her buyers had talked about sleeping on buying a home in Sacramento. She showed them a bunch of homes but they were not quite ready to commit. Sleeping on buying a home sounded like a good idea until they Googled it. Naturally, they found an article I wrote: 10 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right House. They texted Amy to say yes, let’s write a purchase offer. How cool is that? Really made my day that I was able to reach out and touch these guys; help them make a decision.

It’s hard NOT to find an article I wrote about real estate and homebuying through Google because I produced a ton of material online over the years, early on and in great volume. Further, without tooting my own horn too much, readers find my voice connects with them. They also appreciate my sense of humor. I try to make my information easy to read. So it gets clicked on a lot, and that propels my articles to the top of Google searches.

In some ways, it is my legacy. That sort of content will always be managed by some corporation for profit so it won’t ever vanish.

But home buyers will continue, no matter what, to consider sleeping on buying a home. They come up with this idea because they don’t really know what else to do. Somebody once told them if they feel the same way after sleeping on it, it’s a good idea. Hogwash. You generally feel the same when you go to sleep as you do when you wake up. (Well, unless you’re tripping.) The only difference is you waited too long and now some other lucky home buyer snagged the house. There are zero pros to sleeping on buying a house except 12 hours passed.

I received an email from a buyer’s agent a few days ago about a home she had counseled her buyer to purchase. Her buyer loved the home. It was close to her work. Within her budget. It had everything she wanted except no garage. Since this is her first home and she wants to buy in downtown or Midtown, she’s not gonna get a garage, most likely. She needs to get over that. But she probably hasn’t realized that yet.

Her agent said, “She missed a good one. Could not make up her mind.” And that’s what tends to happen when buyers choose sleeping on buying a home in Sacramento. There is no upside to doing it. There is a lot of downside. So, I suggest you print out my article linked in the first paragraph of 10 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right House and tick off each item after you think you’ve found “the one.” In this market of low inventory, there probably won’t be another for a while.

Trust your instincts.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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