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How Often Do You Check Your Email?

How often do you check your email in today’s high tech world? Almost everybody sends a text message, even longer book-length text messages. However, I still work primarily email-based. When sending files or attachments to my clients, I need email. I could share documents via any assortment of online storage options, but my clients would struggle, and I like to keep things simple and easy for them.

For example, vendors routinely send me links to Google, but my email is not Google based. I use Google for as little as possible, primarily because its do no evil premise is a joke today. I prefer to pay directly for services I can rely on and control.

Far as the norm for checking your email, I’d guess, based on responses I receive, that most people do it a couple times a day. If they don’t have a smartphone, they need to use an actual computer or an iPad. In fact, speaking of iPads, I just got rid of AT&T because I don’t use cell service anymore. It’s a waste of money to pay for it.

Yesterday morning I received an email from a fellow who said he and his wife have decided to buy a condo in Midtown Sacramento and wanted to know if I could help them. Absolutely. I love working with clients who contact us directly and are ready to act because I know they’ll be in escrow within hours if not a few days.

We responded immediately, and our buyer’s agent extraordinaire Josh Amolsch contacted the buyers. They responded to say, oh, they already bought a condo last year and the email had been stuck in their email outbox since October.

I’m thinking, is 4 months a reasonable time not to check your email? My email downloads to my computer every 2 minutes. But as a Sacramento Realtor, I’m a bit of an extreme. Out of curiosity, I looked up the condo in the tax rolls. Actually, they ultimately ended up buying that condo last February, 11 months ago. That’s a long time not to check email or notice there was an email in the outbox. If you’re connected, emails should automatically release.

Now this makes me wonder how many people even use a desktop computer anymore. Everybody has laptops. Are desktop computers going away? And look at that phone in the top photo. Have you seen anything that honkin’ big lately? Does anybody but my husband use a landline?

Elizabeth Weintraub

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