characteristics of a good sacramento listing agent

The Qualities of a Good Sacramento Listing Agent

Hanging Up To Take Another Phone Call

To be fair, I don’t really need no stinkin’ analysis report to tell me which qualities count higher than others to quantify a good Sacramento listing agent, but my curiosity sometimes wins out. I read a report this morning about data testing designed to determine what kind of characteristics make a person a good listing agent versus those of a good buyer’s agent. The two don’t always go hand-in-hand and complement each other, even though the bulk of real estate agents in Sacramento do both jobs and probably could not survive in this business by specializing in only one job.

I followed the links in that report until I ended up on Tony Robbin’s website to take a free DiSC test. Yeah, I could spare 15 minutes, I decided. Although I already could accurately predict the outcome. And I wasn’t really disappointed, either, when the test results matched pretty closely to my own idea of where I would score.

First, let me say that I had met Tony Robbins “back in the day.” He had attended one of my earlier ex-husband’s seminars in Orange County during the late 1970s. Yes, several of my ex-husbands were motivational speakers, for lack of calling them criminals, which probably answers why they were not in my life for very long. He had a certain charm, a charisma, that would carry him far, I had concluded back then, and I was right. It’s interesting for me to observe where this business has taken him.

The DiSC Test gives you instant results, in case you’re thinking about trying it. I scored very high on the D and I and slightly above average on the C. Those are all qualities, says a leading recruiter at another brokerage, that make a person an excellent candidate to excel in the field as a strong listing agent. D = Dominance, I = Influential, S = Stabilizing, C = Conscientious. My scores say I am 99% decisive. I take this to mean I objectively weigh decisions and can easily select an outcome. High on the influential means I interact well with others, am persuasive and inspiring. For stabilizing, I am consistent yet spontaneous. A moderate C carries the description of analytical, balanced, independent and to an extent, an envelope pusher.

All of which mean I am very well suited for my occupation. But see, I already knew that. I love my job. It has taken me years to figure out that I make a fabulous Sacramento listing agent. That’s where my strengths lie. And I guess it beats being a geologist, which was my job occupation suggestion one year obtained from the computers in the Education Building at the Minnesota State Fair. That was only after I changed one of my answers and put back in the fact that OK, yes, sigh, I would be willing to work with other people. Before that inclusion, it stated there were no jobs for which I was suited.

At least I fit the profile for a highly successful Sacramento listing agent, so it’s a good thing that’s my job.

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