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A Buyer Makes Offers on the Same Property Three Times, Is It The Charm?

buyer makes offer 3 times

A buyer makes offers on the same property three times, is it the charm? This really just happened. In decades of selling real estate, this was a surprise. The first time the buyer wrote a very low offer per the seller, when there was a substantially higher offer on the table. The second time the offer was a bit higher offer, same buyer. The third time it is a viable offer, but is that high enough for the seller?

The first offer the sellers did not respond. They felt it was too low given the comparable sales on homes that had the same floor plan. Meanwhile the home went pending into contract with another set of buyers. So this same buyer submits a second offer, as a backup offer. The seller rejected the backup offer, still too low, he said. The property then fell out of escrow through no fault of the seller. The seller has been working hard every day to ensure the home shows well.

Believe it or not the same buyer submits a third offer, and it was presented to the seller. We all appreciated that the buyer had not given up. The seller is currently thinking it over, felt this was an improvement and is considering the offer. We had several agent showings at our open houses, held by our team members, this last weekend. The open house traffic reported several agents through our listings with a few interested parties. This was the feedback the seller was waiting on to make a decision.

The buyer’s agent called me to say the buyer was very committed and truly wants this home. I explained the seller wanted to wait over the weekend to evaluate the market and the feedback from the open house. The buyer’s agent said she would wait for the seller’s response. Stay tuned to the Blog for an answer this week to the question: If a Sacramento buyer makes offers three times on the same property, is it the charm?

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— JaCi Wallace

Buyer writes an offer three times on the same property
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