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Which REALTORS are Bad Real Estate Agents?

bad real estate agents

Bad real estate agents in Sacramento can seem like they outnumber the good Realtors.

There are some neighborhoods in the Sacramento metro area where I won’t leave a lockbox on the house because of the behavior of bad real estate agents. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact some of these agents seem to work for brokerages that don’t spend a lot of time on training or if they are so new to the business that they are still wet behind the ears. Or, maybe it’s because they just don’t think, which is generally the cause of many problems with bad real estate agents in Sacramento. You know, if they would simply pause, consider the ramifications, the consequences of their actions before they . . .

Oh, who am I kidding? In my dreams. Like that’s gonna happen.

These are the agents who think it’s OK to open a lockbox and access a home before looking up the showing instructions. As if every home in that neighborhood with a lockbox is sitting idly, enticing them, begging them to trespass. I’m not sure what goes through their minds. But I do know this. Those guys are bad real estate agents.

It’s probably about time that the National Association of Realtors stops pretending that all REALTOR®s have a clue or that they are worthy of working with a client. A license does not give an agent the right to violate procedures, laws and common decency. And clients don’t know any better. They can’t tell an experienced agent from a novice, most of the time. In fact, I’m not sure clients know how much experience an agent needs. I’ve heard some clients say 5 years is a good length of time to get your feet stabilized in the business, but the years are worthless if the agent doesn’t sell very many homes.

My sellers get a good look at the underbelly in the Sacramento real estate business and the bad real estate agents. It’s not that I go out of my way because I most certainly do not. Agents do it to themselves when they call to make an appointment to show the home. I hear it from sellers after the agents call, and their opinion overall of buyer’s agents is generally not very high. I’m not even sure what it is the agents say or do, but I know some of them tend to alienate the sellers because the sellers tell me they don’t like the agent. It’s not really my business why.

That’s not good news for a home buyer trying to buy a home in the Sacramento area who is represented by one of these bad real estate agents. The buyers could be losing the offer before it’s ever written. Let’s not even discuss the unprofessional agents who turn belligerent when their buyer’s offers are rejected. If you have to ask, that would be your sign. Trust your gut instincts.

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