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Real Estate Agent Event at a Treasure Island Winery

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Bay Bridge from Treasure Island Vie Winery

How many reasons does a Sacramento real estate agent need to take a quick trip to San Francisco, much less to visit a winery on Treasure Island? I’m betting many readers of this Sacramento real estate blog do not even realize that a) Treasure Island is a drivable exit off the Bay Bridge, and b) Treasure Island features wineries. Because if you’re like me, when you’re driving over the Bay Bridge, you’re keeping your eyes on all of the other bottlenecked vehicles around you, hoping an earthquake doesn’t strike and focused on not getting run off the road into the water.

It was work-related, too, so the trip was a business write off, including the limo service. See, it’s not so bad to drive into the Bay area if you’re relaxing in the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car. My friend and manager of the Lyon Sacramento real estate office, JaCi Wallace, agreed to go with me to Treasure Island yesterday, so we had a few leisurely hours to talk. It was fabulously fun because we chatted non-stop and probably talked off the ears of our poor driver who had to listen to us discuss real estate the whole way there and the whole way back.


JaCi Wallace, Pacita Dimacali, Cynthia Larsen

The main reason for the trip was to meet other Bay area real estate agents and vendors at an ActiveRain Meetup event. These people are agents I know from the ActiveRain website where agents hangout. Unfortunately, we were so busy and enthralled with the event, we — OK, this yo-yo — forgot to take photos until it was just about over.

We sipped wine at the Vie Winery and had an opportunity to meet Bryan Robertson, part owner of the Treasure Island winery and also real estate agent extraordinaire. Bryan hosted this event along with Kathleen Daniels, a broker / owner from San Jose, made sure we had something to eat with all of that wine tasting. Pacita Dimacali, who sells from Alameda to Berkeley, smoothly led the introductions. I had once interviewed Pacita many years ago for my book, The Short Sale Savior, and she told a story about how she received a real estate client who had read that book and called her. Sweetest person you’d ever want to meet.


Elizabeth Weintraub, Antonio Cardenas, Pacita Dimacli

It was over all too soon, and when I looked up, everybody was gone. I was not lying flat on the floor, in case you’re wondering, just standing inside the Vie Winery, mesmerized in a conversation with Antonio Cardenas from San Leandro, ballroom dancer and REALTOR. I had wanted to play Bocce ball with Lottie Kendall, Cynthia Larsen, Ann Wilkins and Melanie Ross, probably a few others whose names I have accidentally omitted, but they had all vanished.

We’re all busy with real estate right now. Which meant back to Sacramento to answer more emails and sell more homes. You can mix work with pleasure in this business. That’s one of the great things about being a Sacramento real estate agent! Great Treasure Island winery, too.


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