blowing up portals

Sacramento Real Estate and Sonoma Square Portals

Thanksgiving DinnerOur cats received their Thanksgiving treats in the comfort of their home in Land Park, being tended to by our in-home care sitters, while we’re in Sonoma, enjoying a somewhat brief vacation with our electronic devices in tow. This gave me the opportunity, after pigging out at the Sante Restaurant with my husband, to engage in blowing up portals after dinner. Other people have dessert or maybe an after-dinner drink, but no, we grab out cellphones and head out to Sonoma Square.

What good is a Mophie juice box if you don’t take it along? It’s smaller than a cellphone, even smaller than the old flipper phones, which I read are back in vogue because they do such a good job of, gasp, making a phone call.

Besides, we bumped into Thanksgiving dinners twice yesterday. Once at Sante, where we couldn’t pass by the miniature dessert spread — because you know there are no calories in any delightful thing that small and tiny — without grabbing 5 or 6 items, and again at the El Dorado Kitchen in Sonoma Square. Too many meals for one day.

Too many portals in Sonoma Square, too. But we established 3 km links and so many control fields that my points zoomed to their highest level ever. The Google gods are smiling down on our stupid little frozen bodies. Did I mention it was cold in Sonoma yesterday? Cold enough to have to wear my husband’s jacket over my own.

The guy is a saint.

Through all of this, my clients managed to sign on to DocuSign, sometime between bedtime last night and this morning to sign final counters offers and / or purchase offers. Although, I do believe the title companies are closed today due to Thanksgiving weekend.

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