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What Sort of Terms Make a Good Sacramento Short Sale Offer?

sacramento short sale offer

A good Sacramento short sale offer meets bank requirements.

Because agents rarely write a Sacramento short sale offer nowadays, especially if there is a similar home that can close escrow sooner, it is not unusual for an agent to overlook how a seller and her listing agent may view the terms submitted. In fact, now that I think about it, many agents, it seems, tend to ignore the other side of the transaction. They don’t always think ahead or consider how the offer might be received, you know, they seem incapable of predicting how the seller may react. They just know what they hope to accomplish when they barrel forward, guns blazing, and then wonder why their offers are continually rejected. Must be somebody else’s problem, not theirs. read more

Why You Need a Short Sale Agent to Buy a Short Sale

short sale agent to buy a short sale

Top Short Sale Agent in 7 Counties in Sacramento Valley over 10 years.

Home buyers absolutely should hire an experienced Sacramento short sale agent to buy a short sale, there is no doubt about this fact in my mind. I don’t say this simply because I have listed (and therefore sold) more short sales over 7 counties than any other agent, which makes me the top Sacramento short sale agent in this area. By a wide margin. I say this because agents who don’t deal much with short sale banks and are not on top of the new laws, are placing their buyers in a disadvantaged position. read more

How A Nationstar Short Sale with Freddie Mac Closed After 6 Months

nationstar short sale

Even small children are excited to close a Nationstar short sale © Big StockPhoto

You won’t find one Sacramento Realtor in town who wants to sell a short sale home three times, but every so often, despite precautionary measures on the part of the listing agent, it can happen, and definitely was the primary cause of yet another short sale home taking 6 months to close escrow. It’s generally not the short sale banks. It’s the crummy buyers and, yes, even their buyer’s agents are often to blame for failing to vet the buyers.

We put this Nationstar short sale home on the market in mid April, during the hottest time of the year in Sacramento that one can possibly sell a home. It still took 2 months to get a list-price offer. Idiots were submitting lowballs, pushing, demanding, when the comparable sales clearly supported a higher price. Finding the right buyer takes longer this year but eventually one shows up. read more

Why Some Agents Hate Sacramento Short Sales

agents hating short sales

Agents are not always justified when they hate short sales.

Just because there is one bad apple in the bunch or an agent runs into a scheming short sale seller is no reason to decide that all Sacramento short sales are worthless and to not recommend short sales to their buyers — yet, there are many agents in Sacramento who do exactly that. There are agents who hate Sacramento short sales. An agent a while back told me he has listed 40 or 50 short sales. I thought, hmmm, I’ve never heard of him, and I looked up his production in MLS, which goes back to October of 2008. He’s listed and closed 24 short sales. At least I know what kind of agent I’m dealing with. read more

Allowing Your Sacramento Short Sale Home to Become a Dump is Stupid

Sacramento Short Sale Agent Elizabeth WeintraubThe only thing worse than not being able to show a home, from a Sacramento Realtor point of view, is when a buyer’s agent opens the door with an eager buyer in tow to discover the occupants of the home are slumped toward the TV, half-dressed on the sofa, slurping Big Gulps and chomping on Cheez-Its, slopping orangey bits everywhere. The zombies don’t even look up nor acknowledge there is another presence in the room. Stuff scattered everywhere, dog poop on the floor, not to mention flies buzzing the stack of dishes dumped into the kitchen sink. Not a pretty sight. And not an easy way to sell a short sale home in Sacramento. read more

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