#1 short sale agent in sacramento

Why You Need a Short Sale Agent to Buy a Short Sale

short sale agent to buy a short sale

Top Short Sale Agent in 7 Counties in Sacramento Valley over 10 years.

Home buyers absolutely should hire an experienced Sacramento short sale agent to buy a short sale, there is no doubt about this fact in my mind. I don’t say this simply because I have listed (and therefore sold) more short sales over 7 counties than any other agent, which makes me the top Sacramento short sale agent in this area. By a wide margin. I say this because agents who don’t deal much with short sale banks and are not on top of the new laws, are placing their buyers in a disadvantaged position. read more

The Sacramento Short Sales Nobody Wants

Short Sale 1 SacramentoIt’s not surprising that I often agree to tackle the Sacramento short sales that no other real estate agent in Sacramento wants to handle. That’s because I don’t discriminate. As long as the seller’s situation warrants a short sale and this agent can see that short sale closing, I will list it, sell it, negotiate it and close it. If I don’t believe the short sale will close, I don’t accept the listing. Keeps life simple.

But what I think will close and what another agent in Sacramento believes will close is often two different things. That’s because there are agents who will not touch a short sale in which the seller owes money to more than one lender. These agents do not want to work on a short sale with two loans or more. They’ve been burned once or twice by second lenders so they automatically assume all second lenders are reluctant to cooperate with a short sale or they want to blackball certain lenders, which is so wrong. read more

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