sacramento short sale offer

What Sort of Terms Make a Good Sacramento Short Sale Offer?

sacramento short sale offer

A good Sacramento short sale offer meets bank requirements.

Because agents rarely write a Sacramento short sale offer nowadays, especially if there is a similar home that can close escrow sooner, it is not unusual for an agent to overlook how a seller and her listing agent may view the terms submitted. In fact, now that I think about it, many agents, it seems, tend to ignore the other side of the transaction. They don’t always think ahead or consider how the offer might be received, you know, they seem incapable of predicting how the seller may react. They just know what they hope to accomplish when they barrel forward, guns blazing, and then wonder why their offers are continually rejected. Must be somebody else’s problem, not theirs. read more

Evaluation of a Sacramento Short Sale Offer

Short Sale Offer 300x200There are so many reasons to scrutinize and evaluate an offer for a short sale, I hardly know where to begin. I guess I will start by saying there are people in this world, buyer’s agents among them, who wrongly believe that all offers should go to the bank. They also tend to believe that the seller is lucky to receive any offer at all and should not care what the offer is or who it came from or anything else about the offer; the seller should just sign it and shut up.

You might scoff and wonder who could be so incredibly ignorant, but I can tell you that a lot of people fit that description. I help my sellers evaluate purchase offers because they don’t sell a house every day. They also, knock on wood, will only do one short sale in their lifetime. It’s my job to see that the short sale closes. read more

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