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What Sort of Terms Make a Good Sacramento Short Sale Offer?

sacramento short sale offer

A good Sacramento short sale offer meets bank requirements.

Because agents rarely write a Sacramento short sale offer nowadays, especially if there is a similar home that can close escrow sooner, it is not unusual for an agent to overlook how a seller and her listing agent may view the terms submitted. In fact, now that I think about it, many agents, it seems, tend to ignore the other side of the transaction. They don’t always think ahead or consider how the offer might be received, you know, they seem incapable of predicting how the seller may react. They just know what they hope to accomplish when they barrel forward, guns blazing, and then wonder why their offers are continually rejected. Must be somebody else’s problem, not theirs. read more

Ways to Spot a Sacramento Short Sale Scam

Short-Sale-Scam.300x225As a Sacramento real estate agent — and just a long-term participant / observer in the world of life on earth — I tend to notice Sacramento short sale scams, and scams in general. My radar is always on the alert. It’s pretty difficult to bamboozle this agent. While other agents laugh and scoff when I ask what if, it generally turns out that I am correct in my initial assessments.

First, I listen to my gut instincts. You know, people don’t pay enough attention to their gut instincts, and they tend to mistrust that instinct because it’s not always based on logic. It’s telling you something for a reason, is what I find. If you feel uneasy or uncertain, listen to your instincts. There could be a sign you’re just not picking up with the side of your brain that processes that kind of information but it’s still sending a signal to you, regardless. read more

Breaking Bad Sacramento Short Sales

ElizabethWeintraub-BreakingBadAs AMC’s ground-breaking television drama Breaking Bad has done for science, short sales have done for certain Sacramento real estate agents. Given some of us sudden respect. Short sales have made other agents want to jump on the same bandwagon, but you know, the key to success in anything is thinking things through; yet, to accomplish that directive, one needs a solid basis, a foundation to process those thoughts, and therein lies the reason as to why some agents in the real estate business tend to struggle. read more

NGR is Why Buyers Cancel a Short Sale

Rainbow300x200-over Bora Bora St. Regis Motu

Buyers tend to cancel a short sale for NGR.

This Sacramento short sale agent rarely loses a short sale for any reason. Oh, sure, sometimes I will end up with a seller who pleads with me to put her out of misery and to let her home die a faster death through foreclosure, but thank goodness those situations are unusual and scarce. Most sellers want to do a short sale regardless of how painful. They are willing to pay the emotional toll to the troll known as the short sale bank negotiator at their lender’s bank.

My success rate is an open book. Anybody can go to my website and look at my closed short sale transactions for the year. Apart from all of my closed listings, visitors can also view the list of closed short sales in a separate link titled closed short sales in Sacramento. I close short sales from El Dorado County, to Yolo County, Placer County and all the way to the communities of Wilton and Galt in Sacramento. If it’s a short sale, you’ll probably find me there. read more

Agents Who Represent Themselves on a Short Sale

Pretty Young Girl Child Pulling Loose Tooth with PliersTrying to buy a short sale for yourself is like yanking out your own tooth with a pair of pliers. Some people say the whole experience of a short sale reminds them of a root canal. When I was a kid, my mother used to tie a string around my tooth, and she tied the other end around a door knob. Then, she slammed the door. Sometimes, it took a couple of tries. Yikes. But it beat grabbing the pliers and doing it myself.

I don’t know of a single lawyer who would try to practice law in a field in which the lawyer had no knowledge. Yet, real estate agents try to do it all the time. In fact, when I represent lawyers for short sales — and I work with a lot of lawyers — I always suggest they get legal advice from a real estate lawyer. If a lawyer is in corporate law, she doesn’t know the ramifications of a short sale. Likewise, agents who work in residential real estate should not try to sell commercial property. It’s bad for the clients. It’s probably a violation of the Code of Ethics as well because it’s not in an agent’s clients’ best interest to hire a novice who knows nothing about the field to represent them. read more

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