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How to Compare Top Elk Grove Realtors to Ordinary Agents

top elk grove realtors

Top Elk Grove Realtors perform at a different level.

Because my sales production qualifies me as one of the top Elk Grove Realtors, my name is constantly given out by those top agent referring websites who comb MLS looking for top producers. The way it works is a seller clicks on a website advertising top Elk Grove Realtors. The website in turn gives the seller’s personal information to a bunch of agents with consistently high sales volume, and then these agents all hound that seller to death, until the sellers either sign a listing agreement or throw themselves off the nearest bridge.

Often, after a seller contacts some of these websites, out of curiosity, some sellers continue to search online, and then they realize they are finding the name of Elizabeth Weintraub everywhere. Doesn’t much matter where they look online, they will undoubtedly find me. I’ve been online since 1991. I’ve been in the real estate business for over 40 years. No other agent matches my stats.

But I’ve also got to perform, and that’s where the rubber meets the road. I do perform. What do I do as one of the top Elk Grove Realtors that ordinary agents don’t do? Well, let’s examine a recent closing, OK? I happened to be on my wor-cation in Hawaii last month when a top agent website tossed this seller into my lap. I called him right away. He was a little amazed that I would call him so fast from Hawaii, but I love real estate. Why wouldn’t I call him? Listing homes is my specialty. I sell a lot of homes in Elk Grove.

I laid out what I would do for him. He wanted to think about it. Talk to other agents. Hey, what’s to think about? You want to sell your home, right? I quickly texted my photographer while we chatted. Can you fit a home in Elk Grove into your schedule today, pretty please, I begged? Sure, the photographer replied. I continued my conversation with confidence. Mr. Seller, I can have a photographer over there by 2 PM, my team member will put on a lockbox, complete her visual inspection, and we can be live on the market by the end of the day. I’ll get this done for you.

The seller was still hesitant. He was worried because I proposed a price that was $10,000 more than the listing he just canceled. He did not believe I could get him $10,000 more. He had fired his present agent because the agent messed up. I’m not sure what the agent did, but I do know that Cellphone Charlie published horrible photographs in MLS, obviously shot with his phone camera. His marketing description sucked.

I explained all of this to the seller and assured him that even though I was in Hawaii, I would sell his house. Not only that, I would sell that house without any repairs, no credits, and no renegotiations, and quite possibly with multiple offers. I played up the strengths of this property and downplayed the negatives. I gave him more reasons to list with me than with any of the other top Elk Grove Realtors.

The seller can believe me, I insisted. He can trust me.

Sure enough, he finally agreed. I think it was either that or shoot himself in the head. Because I was not giving up. It was a good thing, too, because:

I sold that house in one day.

On Christmas Eve.

While in Hawaii.

I listed it not only for $10,000 more than his 12-day canceled listing price, but I sold it for an additional $5,000 over. This seller made an additional $15,000 and sold in 24 hours.

We closed on this Elk Grove home yesterday, 30 days later. I’m back in Sacramento now. No repairs, no credits, no renegotiations. Over list price. No hassles. Closed. If you’re searching for top Elk Grove Realtors, I swear, you owe it to yourself to talk to Elizabeth Weintraub. I won’t let you down. Call me at 916.233.6759.

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