best day to write an offer on a home in sacramento

The Best Day to Write an Offer on a Home in Sacramento

write offer on home in sacramento

Presenting an offer on a home in Sacramento on Sunday might increase chances of acceptance.

Looking for the best day to write an offer on a home in Sacramento? It occurred to me this morning that I have not yet purchased airline tickets to Portugal and Spain for our fall vacation — because the best fares for international travel are typically 150 days to 225 days prior — which naturally made me start thinking about the best day to write an offer on a home in Sacramento. I usually prefer to postpone reservations for connecting flights because the airlines tend to alter a few weeks prior and it’s a fight to get back your original schedule. Sacramento is unfortunately a lousy origin for connecting flights, too, but regardless, I need to get cranking on those reservations now.

Timing is often crucial and knowing the right time can increase your benefits.

Of course, we all know the best day to go on the market in Sacramento, at least from a top listing agent’s point of view, and that day is Thursday at midnight. The best day to buy a home in always, hands down, right around Christmas time. The worst day to close on a home is the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, primarily because everybody and their uncle is closing on that day so the chances of screw-ups are increased, plus buyers often pay a premium to movers then due to high demand. But when is the best day to write an offer on a home in Sacramento?

I propose that day is Sunday afternoon. For starters, many agents don’t work on Sundays, often for religious reasons some of which involve the adoration of rolling green hills and tiny little white balls, others go out of town, which means fewer offers and less competition in our hot seller’s market in Sacramento. The open house is most likely finished, and even if a buyer came through that open house and intended to buy the home, that buyer probably wants to sleep on it — the old snooze you lose scenario.

Further, the seller is most likely relaxed. Phones are probably not ringing, bosses aren’t demanding deadlines, kids aren’t screaming for dinner, it’s just a nice quiet Sunday afternoon — which in reality can be sort of a depressing time for some people. Especially for single people, I hear. Not in a Kris Kristofferson Sunday Morning Coming Down kinda way but just alone, isolated. A buyer could definitely brighten that type of seller’s afternoon by choosing Sunday as the best day to write an offer on a home in Sacramento! Imagine the elevated mood.

I know when I call sellers on a Saturday, for example, to discuss purchase offers, some home sellers might say they can’t talk because they’re working. What a coincidence. So am I, I might add. Yet, when I call on a Sunday afternoon, sellers are generally much more receptive to long discussions about the pros and cons of an offer and they tend to work with the offer. Especially if there have been no other offers during the open house.

Now that I stop to ponder, I put more listings into contract on a Sunday than any other day, so I’m fairly confident that Sunday could be the best day to write an offer on a home in Sacramento. What do you think?

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