A Sacramento Agent is Not Always Sitting Behind Her Desk

Sacramento agentThe last few days have been so weird in Sacramento real estate. I’ve got sellers saying they don’t know if they should accept an offer, even though most of their two-dozen offers are more than list price, and I’ve got buyers on other transactions saying they don’t know if they want to close. Why, it’s enough to want to make a Sacramento agent want to write an article about an Affidavit of Death. OK, I couldn’t help it, but I hope you like that link. 🙂

It would be easier if the next time I decide to plan in advance for months and months a vacation somewhere wild if I would just move the date up just one day early. Then, everybody would think I was leaving on, say, a Monday, instead of a Tuesday, which would give me one whole extra day to take care of last-minute problems that have a way of being very last-minute, up to the point of when I’m boarding the freakin’ plane.

It’s enough to give a normal Sacramento agent a heart attack. But no heart attacks for me. When I go, it will be something much more horrendous. I was lounging about at the doctor’s office yesterday in my underwear, waiting for almost 40 minutes on the examining table before the doctor popped her head in the door. We just have to do a little biopsy, she says. Nurse, oh, nurse, where is my razor blade? I can’t do a a biopsy without a razor blade. Flipping her gloved fingertips in the air. Twirling. Waiting.

Conditions aren’t always quite so comforting while I’m lying on my back and trying to answer emails on my cellphone. Doctor sticking a numbing needle in my stomach. Ouch. Slicing off pieces of skin with razor-sharp, um, razors (who knew?). What is astounding to me is when clients sometimes say my emails are too short. They have no idea what this Sacramento agent is actually doing while I’m attempting to respond quickly to their concerns. People who know me are groaning. People who don’t are wondering what I’m talking about.

No matter what, I still try to give first-class service to my clients. I have systems in place, team members from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team who will jump in to help, and even then, I have a really hard time going on vacation. I don’t want anybody to think I have abandoned them, because I haven’t. Not really. Not ever, if I can help it.

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