Punxsutawny Phil Predicts 2014 Sacramento Real Estate

Punxsutawny Phil Sacramento Real EstatePunxsutawny Phil says this is the week in Sacramento real estate in which the rubber meets the road. When the market starts to hop like mad. Because finally, all of those winter vacations are pretty much over, the holidays are gone, the Super Bowl is finished — well, I heard it was finished in the first 12 seconds of the game, but I don’t follow football so I would not really know. But I do know almost everything there is to know about Sacramento real estate. Not ashamed to admit that.


2014 Winter Carnival in downtown St. Paul, MN

We can now freely hold open houses and not be freaking out over which football teams are playing, and whether visitors will come to the open house. The weather will begin to warm up a little bit, although we still desperately need rain, and I don’t care if it rains during an open house because people will still go out to look at homes in the rain. We are not wimps in Sacramento. We don’t cower in a little rain. Look at these photos of the Winter Carnival in St. Paul yesterday shot by my sister, Margie. It was 8 below zero.

Ice Fishing-300x183

2014 Winter Carnival Como Park, St, Paul, MN

On top of this, new listings are coming on the market. This Sacramento real estate agent has got about a dozen in the pipeline that I’m working on, and it’s these listings that will make up some of the March to May closed sales. You might think that May is a good time to go on the market, but actually May is a good time to close escrow. All of the activity for the next 3 months mostly originates in February. Think about that if you’re considering selling your home this spring. And be happy you don’t live in St. Paul, Minnesota where, dare I say once again just to remind you, it was 8 below zero yesterday.

Sure, we’ve got holidays this month but they’re not the type of holidays to interfere with real estate. I’ve got news for you: Punxsutawny Phil, the groundhog who saw his shadow yesterday, he wants you to buy a house. So do Presidents Lincoln and Washington and Obama. It’s the American thing to do, to own your own little piece of real estate, your own heavenly spot on earth.

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Photos: Margie Burgard, St. Paul Winter Carnival 2014

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