What it Means to Be a Motivated Seller in Sacramento

Motivated-Seller.300x229It’s not unusual for sellers to ask a Sacramento real estate agent to please tell buyers that they they are motivated sellers. They think that the term “motivated seller” is a code phrase for something important and immensely material to their marketing. I suppose they get this idea because they see the words “motivated seller” in other agent’s listings and think we speak some kind of silent language to each other.

They’re not completely wrong. Agents do engage in conversations with other agents that sound completely foreign to the public. We burn sage and dance naked under full moons, too, but I’m not telling you where. However, the truth is most sellers have no idea what “motivated seller” really means. It doesn’t mean what they think.

First, let’s look at why they think they have to say it. Some sellers believe that even though their home is on the market, some buyers and their agents might wrongly presume that the sellers don’t really want to sell. The reason that buyers and their agents might presume a seller might not want to sell is because the price of that home could be unreasonable or, in some instances, absurd. So, sellers want to assure buyers that they are not unreasonable, they are not absurd, and they really do want to sell even though it might not appear that way because, guess what? They are motivated sellers.

Every seller on the Sacramento real estate market is motivated or they shouldn’t on the market. An agent who slips “motivated seller” into a listing is typically telling other agents in that agent-speak-code that their seller is priced too high and will not reduce the price. It is the agent who is desperate. The agent desperately wants an offer, any offer, even a lowball offer, so they can take that offer to the seller and beat the seller over the head with it until the seller lowers the price.

It could mean the motivated sellers are stubborn, cagey and inflexible. The listing agent might be hoping that other agents will shock the seller into reality.

A motivated seller who is motivated to sell presents his home in the best possible light, and chooses a sales price a buyer is willing to pay. He doesn’t have to advertise that he is motivated because his home listing and sales price will say it for him.

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