How NOT to Choose a Sacramento Real Estate Agent

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Choose the best Sacramento real estate agent you can find based on service.

Part of the problem with writing a blog about how NOT to choose a Sacramento real estate agent is that it probably won’t ever reach the people who really need to read it. Because some of those people already think they know everything about the complexities of real estate, tend to exhibit little respect for real estate agents (as they imagine we are all identical to each other when we are not), and they wrongly adhere to the misbelief that the only two things that count are the suggested sales price and the agent’s commission.

These types of people could not begin to fathom how completely twisted those concepts are and why it is the wrong approach to go about hiring a listing agent.

I have noticed that airlines recently have been thanking customers on the plane by saying they realize we have a choice in air carriers and are grateful for the business. Yet, as nice as this sounds on the surface, the real reason most people choose an airline is because of cost. The same way they choose almost everything, and why Sam’s Club is so popular.

Many travelers don’t pay a lot of attention to a convenient travel schedule, the quality of food, the comfort of the seats, the attention and detail to service, nor the on-time record of the airline, either.

They don’t always care too much about how they get to where they are going or whether the journey is pleasant. In fact, they could willingly board an old rattled plane that bounces about in any kind of air turbulence with a drunk pilot in the cockpit who almost crashes the plane, and as long as they land at their destination in pretty much one piece, well, that’s all that matters.

On the contrary, when I tell my clients at closing that I am thankful they chose me because they have a choice in a Sacramento real estate agent, I am sincere. There are almost 5,000 real estate agents in the Sacramento metro region, and for me to rank in the top 10 agents is no easy feat.

It means clients recommend my services because I have earned those referrals.


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