You Can Choose a Sacramento Realtor Before You Are Ready

Sacramento RealtorPeople often call to ask: is it OK to choose a Sacramento Realtor even if I’m not yet ready to sell a home? The short answer is yes and, in fact, it is strongly advised and encouraged. Choosing a Realtor early on is to a seller’s advantage. This simple act can save a seller a lot of money because sellers don’t really know what they need to do to get ready for the market as much as they think they might know.

I see my neighbors down the street, for example, doing things that make me think they are getting ready to sell, and I heard it buzzed about the neighborhood that they’re trying to sell by owner. People try to do a for sale by owner because they wrongly believe they will make more money, even though it’s a proven fact they won’t*. But they want to save that commission, and while they’re so busy saving that commission on the front end, other money is leaking out the back door.

*The typical FSBO home last year, reports the National Association of Realtors, sold for $183,000 as compared to $230,000 for others. Mind you, that’s just the sales price and not the net profit, which also gets mangled during many transactions.

Nothing beats professional representation.

One of the things I noticed yesterday was a termite company truck parked down the street. Somebody must have told these people that they needed to order and pay for a clear pest report, which is untrue. But they don’t know that because I’m betting they haven’t talked to a Sacramento Realtor who works in the neighborhood. Many of my sellers in today’s real estate market do not pay for pest reports nor pest completions because it is not required in all instances.

I have a number of new listings coming on the market after Labor Day, some of which I’ve been working on for more than a year: an enormous home in Galt, another home in Lincoln Crossing, a duplex in Fair Oaks, a single-story in Natomas. It’s never too early to call a Sacramento Realtor and ask for help. We won’t advise you to throw away money. We’ll tell you where to best invest to prepare your home for sale. We’ll help you to find contractors, if you need them. If you have questions such as whether it’s better to sell your home with a tenant in place or as a vacant home, your Realtor will answer those questions.

You can call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. I am an experienced Realtor who works in four counties and a consistent top 1% agent. You may as well hire one of the best. We’re not all the same.


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