What It’s Like to Be a Sacramento Home Buyer’s Realtor

to Be a Sacramento Home Buyer's Realtor

To be a successful Sacramento home buyer’s Realtor is a very important job. Because many agents sell homes, it does not mean they are excellent at their job. Selling homes takes two agents: a listing agent and a buyer’s agent. Often the stronger agent will get the job done for both sides. How can a seller’s agent help a buyer’s agent? Great question.  

As a listing agent, we make sure the time frames and contracts are completed, along with all the disclosures and reports. We can explain in detail how and why we are taking action. We make sure we have a 100% complete file and stellar record of all communications. Even if the buyer’s agent doesn’t know what she or he is doing, we will get the transaction completed, regardless. They can’t miss an important milestone, as we won’t let them.  

Another great question along this same theme is a post written by my partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, in September 2012: What it’s like to be a Sacramento home buyer? An excerpt is in italics below.

It’s up to real estate agents to explain to potential home buyers what the market is like in Sacramento. Tell them what they can expect. I tell it to them straight. I figure it’s better that they be prepared than shocked. Don’t need anybody having a heart attack and dropping dead at my feet.

Because, maybe this is NOT the time for them to buy a home. I know I would NOT want to be a home buyer in Sacramento today. That’s the truth. Because there is tremendous competition for the same homes. It’s an extreme seller’s market. Many buyers, little inventory. Many all cash buyers who will outbid an FHA or VA buyer. Multiple offers are normal right now. This is a sizzling hot market! Elizabeth Weintraub

To be a Sacramento home buyer’s Realtor is a lot more than writing contracts. It is about knowing the inventory and knowing the numbers. If your agent doesn’t know the amount of inventory, the pending sales and days on the market, how can the agent possibly guide you effectively through the process and write successful offers? Our buyer’s agents are seasoned pros and they study the market daily.

I received an offer yesterday and it was 10% low on a property that is priced for a quick sale. No letter of explanation nothing. I asked the agent his strategy about why he wrote such a below-market offer? The answer, oh that’s what the buyers wanted to offer. This means the buyer’s agent didn’t inform the client that the inventory is 35% low compared to last year. The listed properties are selling for 97% of list price throughout Sacramento. Had this agent educated her client they might be looking at acceptance in-lieu-of rejection.

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— JaCi Wallace

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