The Two Givens in Sacramento Real Estate

Sacramento-MLS.300x200There are two givens in real estate that pertain to Sacramento real estate and selling homes in Sacramento and well, just about anywhere in the country, actually. One is if your listing is about to expire, that home will suddenly, for no explicable foreseeable reason, sell. The other is if you go on vacation, all of your listings will sell. And that’s pretty much the way things have been going lately.

We decided to get out of town to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary when all holy hell broke loose. My husband had to peel my fingers off the keyboard and shut down my computer to whisk me away from my desk. But aha, I still had my cellphone. Even if the bars grew weaker as our altitude increased, they have WiFi in Mt. Shasta, you know.

Counter offers that had been submitted days ago, which were presumed lost in the universe somewhere, magically resurfaced, signed and dated and all sparkly looking. Purchase offers jumped out of DocuSign and landed squarely in my lap, acknowledged. The sale of a home in Rancho Cordova quietly closed without fanfare, and another home in Carmichael is preparing to close ahead of schedule today.

I am on the deck of our lodge gazing at pine trees standing tall, motionless and still sleeping, receiving the morning rays creeping slowly across the lake. A blue jay shrieks and its echo reverberates over the water. Other than that, it’s eerily quiet. I don’t even hear the mosquito buzzing about in search of breakfast who is about to come in for a landing on my tasty arm.

In another 30 minutes, my phone will begin to jump around the table, and my email is already dinging. We might be approaching a long holiday Labor Day weekend in Sacramento, but for this real estate agent, it’s always business as usual. I think we’ll take time out for a hike today. I can catch up on work later.

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