Top 40 Sacramento Real Estate Agents Names Elizabeth Weintraub

homes sold by elizabeth weintraub

Homes sold by Elizabeth Weintraub over the past 5 years in Sacramento

The Homelight Top 40 Sacramento Real Estate Agents for 2015 was released on Friday and I’m waiting for the crap to hit the fan. This is a website that showcases agents in Sacramento by 5 different categories and exposes statistics. Of course, this Sacramento Realtor, namely Elizabeth Weintraub, appears in all 5 categories. The categories are: Sacramento Agents Who Sell at Top Dollar, and the stats for Elizabeth Weintraub are 100%. Number of Sacramento Buyer Transactions for the past 12 months, Sacramento Buyer Sales Volume for the past 12 months, number of Sacramento listings, and Sacramento listing sales volume for the past 12 months.

I talked with a representative at Homelight yesterday about my statistics being actually much higher than Homelight shows on its website. The rep had called me as I did not seek her out. I thought about calling Homelight to get the stats corrected but then the thought occurred to me, just how fabulous do I have to appear anyway? Does it really matter if they showed my 2014 production was 63 homes when I closed almost double that number? Do I seriously care if the public thinks I sold only 63 homes? Compared to most agents, I mean. Isn’t that splitting hairs? Pettiness?

I asked the rep where they pulled the stats from for the Top 40 Sacramento real estate agents because, for example, MLS shows my sales for 2014 at 106, a far cry from 63. But it makes me wonder why they are so far off on the numbers. My 2012 sales show 144 homes, and that’s low, too. The overall stats on Homelight show my sales from 2010 to present much lower than my actual 540 sales, so they are way short for me, no matter how you look at it.

Still, here I go whining when most agents are happy if they close 8 sales a year. It’s the principle, though, if you’re going to expose an agent’s real estate production, at least get the numbers right.

Other companies have tried to rank agents and got blasted for it. That’s because out of the 6,000 or so agents in Sacramento, very few, as you can see, rank at the top. But does it mean an agent isn’t any good if she or he does not appear on any of those lists for the Top 40 Sacramento real estate agents? Not at all. And that’s why agents will get upset.

On top of this, Homelight holds a real estate broker’s license, and therefore is allowed to tap MLS for stats, but I imagine the Sacramento Board of Realtors and MetroList will not see it that way. They are very protective of the data, and rightfully so.

I’ve closed a referral from Homelight, and it was a wonderful experience. I love to receive referrals. Other agents, I have to admit, will complain about that aspect, too, and say that Homelight is selling our own leads back to us when it is not. Although, I did run into a situation where I had written a purchase offer for a buyer and was in escrow with this buyer when, for some reason, she accidentally signed up on Homelight. This action generated an agent referral, which tells me that the public isn’t sure how Homelight works or else they are filling out applications after a few bourbons.

On the other hand, I’ve discovered that when I’m signed in to my account at Homelight, my agent photo floats to the very top of the list. Pretty smart, Homelight.

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