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Prevention is Better Than Cure in Sacramento Real Estate

Senior woman exercising by the seaEverybody knows that prevention is better than cure but few do anything about it. For example, one of the horrid side effects of growing older, I have discovered, is the fact you can’t just do any old thing you want to do. I don’t want to scare you younger guys, but did you realize that a simple action such as reaching across the kitchen table to push the cat off can cause a back injury? Bowling on the Wii can pull a muscle in your gut. Dropping to the floor to attempt a push-up can tear a rotator cuff. Whatever you used to do in the way of physical activity from 30 years ago you probably should not suddenly undertake in your 60s.

That’s kind of a hard realization to come to for me. On the one hand, I don’t want to walk around being paranoid that any little new action on my part will cause an injury, but on the other hand, I do want to be cautious. So, that’s why I’m enrolling in a physical therapy program out in Folsom, which is a good 30 minutes from my home in Land Park. I think it’s better to be proactive and take care of your health than be surprised when a random body part goes haywire. I try to live by the motto that prevention is better than cure.

Today’s Sacramento Bee says sitting will kill you. Not only will sitting kill you, but Diet Coke will kill you, too. All those mice can’t be wrong.

There are some things you can fix and prevent and some things you can’t do anything about. I can’t get buyer’s lenders to produce loan documents when they say they will, for example, but I can intervene and help them out when there are delays. We have an escrow that was supposed to close a week ago but the lender had difficulties. The first problem was deposit of funds — he didn’t advise the buyer on how to do it, so there was a check involved, which required clearing. The second problem was the lender could not get a document from the HOA, although he had requested.

The way some people deal with these things is they let them work themselves out. If you wait long enough, eventually most things will find resolution. That’s a lazy-ass solution. That’s not how I operate. I prefer to make things happen and not wait for things to happen. If you tell me that the entire situation is out of your hands because you are waiting for another person to perform, I will stare at you in disbelief. I will think you landed on this planet from Mars. There is almost always a way to get action.

I contacted my preferred mortgage lender to give the HOA a push. Sure enough, an hour later, we had the document. I’m just the Sacramento listing agent, I should not have to be involved in such matters. There is no money in this transaction for my lender but he helps out anyway because he’s a great guy who also gets stuff done. He told me if we didn’t receive the document shortly, he would go over to the guy’s office himself to get it. That’s my method of operation as well. Get it done. But I much prefer to manage the situation so that we don’t need to fix it in the first place.

If you need a referral to an excellent mortgage broker, let me know. And before you begin a new exercise program when you’re heading into senior-hood, obtain professional medical guidance. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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