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Authentic Realtors Display a Voice of Reality and Reason

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Authenticity seems to be a rare commodity in a search for authentic Realtors. You seem like a real person to me, is what many of my clients say when they call for the first time. Of course I am a real person. Do you think I am a robot? An alien? A cat reincarnated in human form? But what I think they are trying to say is I don’t seem like a salesperson.

As though a salesperson is an evil creature to be avoided at all costs. Because you know what a salesperson will do, right? They will sell you something you don’t want. Which is a real fear of many people when dealing with agents. People worry that a salesperson will take advantage of them. So they search for an un-salesperson, what we call authentic Realtors.

Grounded is another term I’ve heard tossed about. But that’s just trendy. Besides, if you’ve been following the massive 7.5 earthquake in Indonesia, you will learn about liquefaction. This is when the ground turns into soft mud after an earthquake and swallows up people. In Petobo, in the Palu area, when the soil turned into mud, it caused houses to change direction, slide miles away and many sunk below the mud, with only the roof tops poking out of the ground. There is no such thing as grounded. It’s simply a perception.

But authentic Realtors are a reality. These are people who don’t read scripts because they don’t need it. They’ve been around the block enough times to know what to say to people and how to say it, which is with kindness and respect. So many agents I know are afraid to counter a client’s belief or statement. Because they are trying way too hard to be “friends.” They don’t want to make an enemy or cause bad feelings, so the bad news doesn’t reach their clients. The bad news is whatever they think the clients should know but are afraid to disclose.

Give it to a person straight and then offer solutions, that’s my method of operation. Yet some Sacramento Realtors will say: well, it sucks to be you and walk out. Which is what an agent is doing when they know a client is thinking the wrong things and, by extension, doesn’t possess enough information to choose the right moves. When that agent could deliver the information the client needs, but she doesn’t.

Authentic Realtors share information freely. Real agents aren’t worried about competition or how other people will view them. They are not self conscious; but they are self aware. Delivering the truth about a situation is not always easy, but it is necessary. If the client still rejects the notion after that, well, at least her Realtor extended the effort.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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