Dealling with Sellers remorse

Dealing with Seller’s Remorse

Dealing with Seller's Remorse

Dealing with seller’s remorse is an interesing piece written by Elizabeth for another publication. It is true that seller’s remorse happens and they cancel listings. Without motivation a seller may put a toe in the water but will not dive in. Enjoy…

— JaCi Wallace

Real estate agents are used to working with buyers who sometimes freak out when they realize they have actually purchased a home. Sure, looking at homes, writing offers, negotiating, it’s all fun and games until the time comes when a seller says, “Heck, I’ll take your offer.” That’s when the panic sets in — which, by the way, is a normal reaction for a buyer.

But what happens when it’s the seller who pulls a 180 and gets cold feet about selling? Sellers are prone to feeling remorseful as well. Especially sellers who have lived in the home for a long time and have trouble picturing themselves living elsewhere. Often, before the ink is dry on the contract, a seller will begin to wonder, “Oh, my goodness, what did I just DO?” They feel like they can’t part with the home. Do sellers have to sell if they change their minds?

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— Elizabeth Weintraub

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