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Are You Getting Screwed in Real Estate?

getting screwed in real estate

When the Sacramento housing market tightens, getting screwed in real estate is more likely to happen.

Getting screwed in real estate is an interesting topic. You can look at Sacramento real estate like it’s one big f-ing orgy, and you wouldn’t be too far off base. Of course, that attitude won’t get you anywhere. You can wallow in that mud hole, rub that wet sticky mud all over naked body parts, and it still won’t resolve anything. The only thing a particular experience of getting screwed in real estate does for you is provide a new set of warning signs that it’s coming. It’s like a giant asteroid that could suddenly smack the earth. If you see that sucker coming, you can start running all you want — but when you’re under its shadow, it’s gonna squash you anyway.

This is why my 40-some years in the real estate business tends to pay off for my clients. It doesn’t mean I will never shoulder an experience of getting screwed in real estate, but those situations are super few and far between. My radar is constantly up. Searching. Analyzing. But it’s by habit and not a focused project. I don’t spend a lot of time on it. Yet, the stuff I’ve recently sent flying like a boomerang would make your head spin.

I can tell you that many people don’t start out with a plan to exploit. Because that would mean they are the devil incarnate, like Ted Cruz in the flesh, and most people are not. Nor would they even recognize that trait if it was embedded. People really don’t dig that deep within themselves. We’re too busy ushering kids to soccer, heads buried in our cellphones, ordering pizza delivery. On top of this, people tend to rationalize what they do to an extent that they make it OK to step on somebody else’s head by accident and grind those eyeballs into the concrete sidewalk.

It just comes with the territory of selling real estate in Sacramento. The more real estate an agent sells, the more likely she is come across these crooked situations and avoid them. I average around 100 sales a year.

Three Ways to Prevent Getting Screwed in Real Estate

I can’t see anyway to completely prevent getting screwed in real estate, but I can often lessen the chances of it happening. 1) The most obvious way is to be ethical and to operate with integrity. This way you tend to attract individuals like yourself. 2) The second is to pay attention to red flags, things that seem out of place. Probe. Inquire. Push a little for answers. 3) The third is to hire an experienced Sacramento Realtor who has been around the block so many times she can count the number of cracks that broke your mother’s back.

Call Elizabeth Weintraub for your Sacramento real estate needs. My laryngitis is just about over. It’s OK to sound like Stockard Channing, I’ve decided.  I’ll get the job done right, and I try to ensure every client is a happier person along the way. Call 916.233.6759.

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