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New Listing in Sacramento From Weintraub Client Review

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The best closing gift for this Sacramento Realtor is a glowing client review.

Looking for a highly rated Realtor based on excellent Sacramento client reviews? New listings in Sacramento, Elk Grove and West Sacramento often land in my direction due to glowing reviews from super ecstatic clients. I consider each client review my future referral. My former clients are referring new business every single day to this Sacramento Realtor without lifting a finger. It’s their client reviews that keep on giving long after the sale has closed. Other agents might work to pay a mortgage or to get out of the house occasionally, but this full-time top producer agent works more than 12 hours a day almost exclusively for that client review.

I’m meeting with a seller and her husband this weekend in West Sacramento to inspect their home and put it on the market next week. The reason they called me was not because I am a veteran Realtor with more than 40 years of experience; it was directly due to the fabulous client review another happy Weintraub client just posted online. An agent can’t make a client say anything the client doesn’t want to say, and a third-party vendor determines whether to allow the commentary, it’s checked out, so these type of client reviews cannot be influenced or coerced.

These Sacramento Realtor Reviews did not originate from random strangers jacked on crack — well, two are, but those were some sort of error . . . The real reviews are from people who have worked with this Realtor for a long time and closed transactions. Further, it takes a bit of doing for a client to post a review. Most clients don’t feel like it. It’s an inconvenience. They might have to register for that referring website. It takes time. They don’t know what to say. Yet, tons of Elizabeth Weintraub sellers take the time to share their experiences, for which I am grateful and humbled. For example, below is a glowing client review I just received:

As the executor of my mother’s estate, I was on a steep learning curve, managing the intersection of selling a condo on behalf of an estate, with the legal ramifications of a reverse mortgage my mother took out before her passing. Because of this, it was a priority to choose an agent who would be  fierce and proactive in setting a profitable asking price.

After calling a few other agents that were highly recommended, with one saying that didn’t have time and the other stating that it was unlikely the market would accommodate a higher sales price, I found Elizabeth! She was the answer to my prayers … with a fierceness and confidence that is unmatched!

I had a feeling I was on the right track when she called me within minutes of me leaving her a message. I KNEW I had the right person when she came into my mom’s condo with her clipboard in hand deftly making note of details that all the other agents missed on their initial walk-through. I sat down at my mom’s kitchen table and signed her on the spot!

She stayed with me every step of the way, with unwavering patience, positive attitude and effervescent energy and focus. She works beautifully with her team, all of whom exhibit a sense of mutual respect and professionalism that is very reassuring. Even with the initial offer falling through at the last moment, Elizabeth maintained her momentum and facilitated us getting the highest price per square foot for a condo in the complex.

Witnessing her razor sharp negotiation skills and refined understanding of the psychology and timing it takes to create a sense of urgency and ‘market buzz’ was truly educational, not to mention entertaining:-). When it comes time to sell my home, Elizabeth will be my agent once again!

The sellers I am meeting with tomorrow are selling a condo in the same complex. It wasn’t difficult for them to choose a listing agent for West Sacramento. My goal is simple: to earn a glowing client review. Along the way I will sell that home for top dollar, keep my sellers informed every step of the way, and protect their interests at all times. That’s what consistently earns this Sacramento Realtor an extraordinary client review. Go ahead, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. I love this business and promise to earn your review.

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