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If you have been using a translation app in real estate, I have more translation app tricks to share. You may recall that I wrote a blog on this subject a while back. Yesterday, something very interesting happened, I received a call from a Chinese buyer with limited English speaking skills. While on the call, I tried to converse using the “Translate Me” app on my cell phone, but the app was not working properly. Then, quickly I used another app, “Google Translate.” It worked perfectly. Free apps, you know. Should not complain.

Unfortunately, after several tries, the female caller had hung up. I had politely kept asking her to speak, please. The app only works if the other person actually speaks, and she had not responded. When I called back, her voice mail was full.

Now, there is a particular setting in the app called Conversation. You click on it after you have selected the languages. In this case I had chosen a Chinese dialect and English. You may not know this, but there are more than 200 Chinese dialects and really no such thing as a Chinese language. Most common is Cantonese or Mandarin.

Here are more translation app tricks in real estate that are so cool. As you speak, what shows on your screen is the conversation written in both English and your selected foreign language, however; it also speaks aloud in the foreign language. If you have your phone set to speaker, the caller can hear you speak and your voice is translated instantly to a different language.

When the buyer speaks, it translates onto the screen in English for me to read but does not speak English out loud. This is the perfect approach for language translation on a cell phone. Additionally, if we were communicating in person, it would work the same way.

This call, however, made me wonder if she had read my previous article or if someone who spoke Mandarin had told her about it? How did she find me? How did she know to ask immediately when I said hello, “You speak Chinese?” I’m going to call her back today using this app. The hope is I can leave her a voice mail message in her language, as there are always more translation app tricks to apply in Real Estate.

As a top Sacramento Realtor, I look forward to extending help to many clients who speak other languages. I am planning to work with our exclusive buyer’s agent, Josh Amolsch, who is very tech savvy. He can help perfect the use of this app for our entire team. We can help so many people that ordinarily we would not be able to understand us or visa-versa.

If I lived in China, I would want to work with a very experienced local top producer Realtor and, if that person knew how to apply translation app tricks to help me, I would hire that agent in a Shanghai minute!

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— Jaci Wallace

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