Using a Translation App to Sell Sacramento Real Estate

Using a translation app

It  dawned on me today I have three buyers with whom I’m using a translation app. These buyers’ primary languages are Hmong, Chinese and East Indian. I was showing homes in Elk Grove this last weekend where I met one of these buyers for the first time in person.

You probably won’t believe I had interviewed these buyers online using a translation app. First I explained to them how agents work; I didn’t speak any differently than I usually do as it was all translated using the app. They were asking if I was the listing agent. I explained that they’d be so much better off using a buyer’s agent instead of the listing agent. They said great, they wanted to meet me.

Another agent with me was so surprised at my using a translation app to sell real estate in Elk Grove. The pre-qualified buyers had a lender letter. So they knew how much money they had down, and what they were looking for! 

All the work thus far was completed by my using a translation app. I asked these folks if they would rather have an agent that spoke their primary  language as I could transfer them? They said no they’d rather hire me and they prefer to work with me.

These particular buyers didn’t have the app so I sent them a link and they installed it on their phone. This let me be very direct with them and to explain how I work. There is such an opportunity, especially in the diverse community of Elk Grove, to work with clients who speak different languages. It’s an untapped market for a Top Producer in Sacramento like me who only speaks English and a little bit of Spanish.

My mother is 100% Spanish, her parents immigrated here to this country. At that time when I was growing up it was not popular to be bilingual so my mother didn’t teach us Spanish when we were small and in school. Now of course, I practice my Spanish with her on a small scale. One of my bucket list items is to learn to speak Spanish fluently so I could help Spanish speaking clients. Although with this app it isn’t necessary to speak several other languages but still might be fun though.

All three of these clients expressed an interest in working with me exclusively. My clients from Iran invited me into their home and made wonderful green tea and pistachios and dates. They were most kind and so welcoming and they introduced me to their children.

Getting to know people from different cultures, for me, is rewarding and interesting. It doesn’t appear that speaking someone’s language is necessary; isn’t that incredible? Perhaps more agents should think a little more outside of the box?

In my 23 years of selling real estate in Sacramento,  I didn’t know the day would come where I would be using a translation app to sell real estate! I must say I love it, as I love diversity and I love technology. These tools allow us to do great work for others and to be able to explain things in their own language, in writing on the app.

By not being afraid to try something new, I have opened up a source of business where I can help so many people to have professional representation. In 2019, this is a practice that will separate me from other top producers in Sacramento. They may be afraid to sell houses by using a translation app to sell real estate in Sacramento.

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