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This is What Sacramento Real Estate Agents Work For

Label With Thank You!The public doesn’t really know why people choose a career in real estate and what Sacramento real estate agents work for. They see the financial rewards and sometimes that’s as far as they get with their thought process. They think the end result is that paycheck, and while money helps to pay the bills, it’s not the reason we sell Sacramento real estate. It’s not what we live for and work for.

Most Sacramento real estate agents, believe it or not, are really in the business to help people. We have a specialty, a knowledge, a skill set and experience to guide our buyers and sellers to a successful closing. There are those of us, we hate to say, who sometimes don’t perform, like the agent who was previously working with a buyer who just closed escrow this week with Barbara Dow from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team.

When the buyer called about this particular home, I asked if she was working with an agent, just like I always ask. She said yes, and continued to clarify before I could disconnect. I listened. Turns out she was pretty unhappy with her agent and felt very disappointed in her search for a home. She no longer wanted to work with that particular agent. She also had been watching the For Sale sign installation in the front yard of this particular listing, and said she was planning to sit in that yard until an agent drove by to show it to her. That’s determination.

I checked with my team members and Barbara was available to immediately show the home. She explained Agency and that we would probably receive multiple offers so the buyer needed to be very aggressive with her purchase offer. The sellers were thrilled and accepted the offer. They were happy. The buyer was happy. And the transaction closed early. The buyer wrote to Barbara after closing and said this (with personal information removed):

“You have been so awesome! You made this experience more perfect than I could have ever imagined! Seriously!!!  Now I am going to brag that I have the best Realtor / Real Estate Agent (not sure what the preferred title is) EVER!!!

“I grew up thinking that happy dreams were for everyone else, but thankfully I’ve been learning . . . that I deserve happiness and happy dreams, too! Thank you for being a part of this with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me. I think that the thing I like best about you is that you are genuine, Barbara and . . . that is a quality that is not easy to find nowadays, so thank you for being YOU! And being so awesome at your job!!!”


This is what we work for. This is what matters in a real estate transaction. And it doesn’t get any better this.

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