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Sacramento Home Buyers Need an Edge in Market

Sacramento home buyers

Sacramento home buyers won’t buy a home this spring without an agent.

Hey, all you Sacramento home buyers, are you ready for the spring market? This is going to be a tougher market than you’ve ever seen in your life to buy a house in Sacramento, but don’t let that little thought discourage you. Unless you’ve been working in real estate full-time with a ton of transactions under your belt, you probably are not prepared to meet the demands that this market is putting forth for you. It is not impossible to buy a house, but you better be working with an experienced buyer’s agent or you might not buy anything at all. read more

It Is Not What You Say It Is How You Say It

it is not what you say it is how you say it

It is not what you say, it is how you say it.

Everybody knows it is not what you say it is how you say it, but how often do you see a professional in action? OK, let’s not talk about Donald Trump because that’s a really malo example. He has about as much finesse as a termite. He violates the first rule of it’s not what you say it’s how you say it porque he doesn’t consider his words before opening his mouth. He says whatever lingers on the short string between brain and tongue.

Real estate agents are taught to convey information, but who spends the time to teach agents that they should consider how that information will be received by the recipient? If it could be construed as damaging or irritating or in some way produce an unanticipated result from the recipient, perhaps a better choice of words would be in order? Supuesto, to get to this point, one would need to lay it out there and analyze the results. read more

How to Count the Days in a Purchase Contract

count the days in a purchase contract

You count the days in a purchase contract starting with zero for date of acceptance.

Do you know how to count the days in a a purchase contract? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out. A performance issue came up this morning regarding the escrow timeline we use in California and how to count the days in a purchase contract for performance and contingency release due dates. The questioning agent was a 15-year broker in Sacramento who did not know how to count the days. She had taken a webinar online regarding the revised Residential Purchase Agreement — which is consistently being revised — and did not recall the “change.” I assured her that many real estate agents in Sacramento do not know how to count the days in a purchase contract. She is not alone, even though she works alone. read more

Should Agents Send Listings to Other MLS Agents?

agents send listings

Most Sacramento agents do not appreciate it when agents send listings.

Maybe some agents are living under a rock and do not have access to MLS? I don’t understand why some agents continually bombard me by sending spammy email flyers. Half the time there is no unsubscribe option. Isn’t that breaking some law? They think nothing of sending a listing to other agents.

Consumers, end users, need to see your flyers, not other agents.

Even if some agents are sleeping in their cars, they can still park in front of Starbucks to get free Wi-Fi. They can go to MLS. See, the thing is if I’m looking for a home like the one you have listed, Mr. Spammy Email Agent, I will find it by myself. I don’t need the email in my inbox. If I am not looking for a home like the one you have listed, I don’t need to know about it. If I don’t work in that area, I don’t care about it. read more

Examining Car Sales vs. Real Estate Agents

car sales vs real estate

Good real estate agents are nothing like car salespeople.

I am going to say right upfront here, do NOT send me hate mail. I want to talk about car sales vs real estate. Because I am about to say that there are parallels between certain types of sales people, say, for example, a car salesperson and a real estate salesperson. I’ve heard it said that the easiest person to sell to in the universe is another salesperson, but I think that’s only the dumb ones. The thing is nobody wants to be sold. It’s irritating. And the only people who don’t find it irritating are those who can’t figure out that they are being sold. read more

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