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If You Don’t Buy My Home in Sacramento I Will Sue You

If You Don't Buy My Home in Sacramento I Will Sue You

If you don’t buy my home in Sacramento I will sue you. This is what some sellers may consider doing. There are some buyer’s agents in Sacramento, and probably in other cities as well, who believe it is perfectly OK to write multiple offers for their buyers, even if the buyers can’t afford to buy all of the homes. Well, one day somebody will say no, it is not all right, and if you are in contract with me and another seller, you either decide to buy my home or I will sue you.

Sellers can sue for damages. You might say what damages? How about taking the home off the market and placing it into pending status, now going back on the market in “back on market” status so other agents and buyers now wonder what is wrong with the house? How about canceling the home staging and now needing to rehire the stagers at additional costs and shoot all new photographs? Are there are potential damages for allegedly breaching the contract in this situation? These are questions you should ask an attorney for legal advice.

It’s just not a good idea to write multiple offers. If you don’t buy my home in Sacramento I will sue you is not a sentence you want to hear. If you can only afford to buy one house then only write one offer. You can read more about what happened in my personal blog today in this link: The Consequences When Buyers Write Multiple Offers.

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