buy and sell at the same time

The Best Way to Buy and Sell at the Same Time in Sacramento Today

buy and sell at the same time

You can easily buy and sell at the same time if you are not contingent.

One of the specialties of the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is helping our clients to buy and sell at the same time in Sacramento. Since our team features specialized Realtors — I handle the listings and my team members operate as exclusive buyer’s agents — it’s a match made in heaven for clients who need to buy and sell. A listing agent has a completely different focus than a buyer’s agent. Since we specialize in one or the other, we’ve become highly trained and efficient at what we do because we do the same sort of thing over and over.

Imagine, if you will, the effectiveness of a buyer’s agent who only helps buyers buy a home, or the listing agent whose sole focus is her sellers. We are never at our wit’s end or in the crossfire. We have no conflicts of interest. And like I’ve said before, I predict this way of selling Sacramento real estate will be the wave of the future. We are pioneers. You can remind me of this after I am dead and gone.

A while back, I had the pleasure of talking with a couple about buying a home I had listed. It since sold yet they wanted to put in a backup offer, which is generally a great idea in this market because so many transactions fall apart. Except these buyers wanted to buy with a contingency to sell their own home, without putting their own home on the market. Since I work for the seller, I could not encourage that type of situation. It was not in my seller’s best interest.

The best way to buy and sell at the same time in Sacramento right now is to buy the home you want first. But don’t make it contingent. If you can afford to own two homes, and many people can in this market, you can get a bridge loan or simply just buy a home and sell your own home later. Selling a home is not the problem. Not from my perspective, anyway. It’s buying.

A contingent buyer would be competing with buyers who don’t have to sell, and you know which offer the seller will take in those situations. Hmmm . . . a sure thing or people with a problem? Sellers tend to accept the sure thing. The buyer who can close without additional issues or complications. We have very little inventory for sale. Not much available. If you spot a home you’d like to buy but your home is not yet on the market, consider buying it without a contingency to sell. Talk to your mortgage lender.

It will take the stress out of trying to buy and sell at the same time. Then I’ll take care of selling your existing home after the fact. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. I’ll be happy to discuss your situation and offer solutions to just about any real estate dilemma.

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