buy a home while also selling in sacramento

How to Buy a Home While Also Selling in Sacramento

buy a home while also selling in sacramento

Moving is made easy with the Elizabeth Weintraub Team when buying and selling a home.

The biggest worry among those who want to buy a home while also selling in Sacramento is that they will be homeless, i.e., have no place to live. This is why the first question that passes through my lips when I am talking with sellers about listing their home is whether they have a place to go. Other agents might focus on the home’s updates, location or sales price, but I focus on my clients. Nothing else matters if home sellers are struggling with future plans.

It’s also difficult for sellers to imagine buying and selling at the same time because it can be tricky to coordinate concurrent closings. Sellers want to know if they should buy first and then sell, because that’s where their hearts lie. They need to know where they are going. For some, that need overrides maximizing profit potential on the sale, but that’s where this Sacramento Realtor comes in. I tell everybody to sell first and then buy, because they can remove risk by making the sale of their home contingent on finding a replacement property, but they often want to do it the other way around, and that’s their choice. It’s OK. I make it work that way, too, even though it’s more of a challenge to get an offer accepted in a seller’s market when your home isn’t even on the market.

A unique benefit about working with the Elizabeth Weintraub Team when you want to buy a home while also selling in Sacramento is the fact that we split up duties within the team. For example, I focus on the listing and sale of the home, and my team members work on finding the replacement home. This is how I can be in 10 places at the same time. The Weintraub Team offers a seamless experience, we work like a well oiled machine and we stay in constant communication with each other. I am informed which homes my sellers are touring, sometimes I help to select those homes, and we discuss appropriate strategy when the purchase offer rolls around.

My sellers remain my clients, even though they are working with a team member. We are unique this way. This is sometimes a difficult concept for some agents in Sacramento to wrap their heads around because they do both, they hustle to show property to their sellers while they are also trying to sell the home and, sometimes, in all of that flurry, things fall through the cracks and go awry. For example, a home pops up the client wants to see but the agent is too busy to show or is out of town. A buyer could lose her dream home if her agent can’t act fast enough. Maybe they can’t follow up with agents who showed their listing because they’re out in our summer heat showing other homes. Not so with the Elizabeth Weintraub Team.

When a person wants to buy a home while also selling in Sacramento, we are on top of our game. Dedication. Focus. We make magic happen. Our clients do not move twice nor have no place to move. You might even say we specialize in these types of moves since we’ve completed so many contingent sales over the years. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Put 40 years of experience to work for you. We cover the Sacramento territory of Lincoln to Galt.

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