How a Sacramento Real Estate Agent Uses a Mini Stylus

Stylus-Cellphone.300x300For a Sacramento real estate agent like me, there is little as exciting in my small world of technology than that of buying a new cellphone. About 10 years ago, I used a BlackBerry, and upgraded to a better model every chance I got. Then, I discovered an Android and bought a Samsung. Finally, man, a screen big enough that my aging eyes could actually read. The downside was the feel of the keys had vanished, making typing very difficult, swyping a pain, and the screen is impossible to read in bright sunlight.

Trade-offs. There are always trade-offs.

Of course, I can talk to my phone but my phone has a really hard time understanding me unless I talk like a robot. Slowly. Distinctly. Sing-songy voice. Imagine the stares I get from strangers on the sidewalk: talKING . . . like . . . THIS Beats trying to type. Even though I am fairly certain I have no profane words stored in my Android, you would not believe some of the stuff it thinks I say which I do not say. My worst horror is that I’ll by accident hit send to a client when it types eat shit and die.

The solution for this Sacramento real estate agent is to use a mini stylus. I am forever giving away my miniature styli. So, I bought a bag of 50 of them. This way I can color coordinate my outfits to match the stylists on my phone. I carry a few extra in my bag in case I forget and dash out the door wearing gray, for example, and sporting a bright gold stylus when maybe silver might be more appealing. See, this is the kind of attention to detail and type of back-up plans this Sacramento real estate agent deals with every day. It carries over into my personal life.

Just so you know, they also wear out. You can tear up the tip by banging too hard on the iPad playing Plants vs. Zombies or Jelly Defense.

On the downside, strangers approach me on the street and ask why I have this thing dangling from my cellphone or my iPad. When I show them how easy it is to type on your phone with it — the precision one can use to pull back and aim that slingshot for Angry Birds — everybody wants one. So, I just give them my stylus. It also helps them to remember this Sacramento real estate agent. I should print my name on them, now that I think about it.

The nice thing is the doohickey plugs right into your device so you won’t lose it. And my miniature stylus will plug very nicely into my new iPhone. I can’t wait until it arrives, and then I’ll have to buy all new apps. Rats.

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