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Photos of the Central Bark Dog Park in Kona

central bark dog park

As I finished putting the finishing touches on my open houses for Sunday, Linda presented me with the opportunity to hang out a bit at Kona Haven Coffee and then go to the dog park. It is called Central Bark Dog Park, and is sponsored by the Kona Humane Society, among other donors.

Now you may find this difficult to believe, but this Sacramento Realtor has never been to a dog park. Hey, I don’t have a dog. Why would I ever go to a dog park? But I was up for an adventure. The tiling guy was at our house in Hawaii working away, so he didn’t need me. We already discussed wrapping the tile corners and the focal point.

Which leads me to a funny story about my dead brother. He tiled my sister’s bath, and it was obvious to me that he used the wrong focal point when tiling. When I asked my sister why he chose the corner he chose, she said he picked it because that’s what you look at while on the John.

What a doofus.

So, yes, I was game for going to the Central Bark Dog Park in Kona. They have benches donated to the space, chairs for tired people, and a place to chat. It’s just like hanging out at Kona Haven Coffee without the coffee service.

central bark dog park

Is this little guinea pig dog the cutest dog ever?? He is 5 years old, if I recall correctly. Not a baby, in other words. The black chihuahua is Mel’s dog, and his name is Cowboy. There was a time, Mel said, that she could carry Cowboy in one hand to introduce him to people. As a busy Realtor, I don’t have time for dogs, but it doesn’t mean I can’t go to Central Bark Dog Park and hang out.

This dog park in Kona is located by Hawaii County Water Department in Keauhou Mauka. As for the Humane Society in Kona, I had never been there, either. Later in the afternoon Linda and I went to Reflections Glass to order a glass wall for my shower. Along the way, I stopped at the Kailua Kona transfer station at Kealakehe to get rid of boxes the contractors left at my house.

The Hawaii Island Humane Society is located up the road to the Kealakehe transfer station. Hey, I said, why don’t we stop at the Humane Society? Linda wasn’t overly excited. She had been there before and found the personnel a bit off standish.

Well, they ignored us when we walked in. One woman was talking with a couple, and the other was glued to her computer. Nobody said welcome, or come in. Nothing.

We went into the room where the cats are, and every single cat was lying in a cage sprawled out, some of which were severely overcrowded, very hot. Paws hanging out the wires. There was no AC in that room. Just a few fans. Those poor cats. The woman at the front desk ignored us again as we walked out the door.

You would think every person who walked in that door at the Hawaii Island Humane Society in Kailua-Kona would be greeted and issued an invitation. Either to:

  • Donate.
  • Adopt, or
  • Volunteer.

Oh, man, if only I ran the world.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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