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West Sacramento Condo Closed at Highest Price

West Sacramento Condo

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I closed a West Sacramento condo yesterday at the highest price any condos there have sold at for at least a half dozen years, maybe more. This particular condo is in the Riva on the River complex, but it could have been anywhere in West Sacramento, and I would have produced the same result. I have a special way of setting the stage for my listings and my customized marketing tends to generate the highest prices ever for my sellers. Further, we capitalize on the seller’s market to maximize potential. The West Sacramento condo market is on fire.

That’s the one of the things that being in the business forever can do for a Sacramento Realtor. My years since 1974 give me invaluable insight to market swings, which means there isn’t much I haven’t already seen, except perhaps a naked Donald Trump, and I never in a million years want to lay eyes on that hideous image. Every listing I tackle is different and requires a strategy to match market forces, in addition to exceeding my seller’s expectations. My sellers expected minimum hassle on top of a stellar performance from their West Sacramento Realtor to sell their West Sacramento condo, and they hired the right agent.

I don’t set seller expectations, sellers do that; but I do tend to exceed them. I work with some sellers who prefer isolation, they don’t want me to call or communicate unless it’s urgent and then only via text. Others want play-by-play details, and I’m happy to provide that, too.

These particular sellers asked me what they should do to get their condo ready for the market. The floor in the kitchen was peeling up and part of it was missing. The ceiling had a few cracks. The carpeting was spotted and a bit dirty. We called in my super-duper carpet cleaning pros, who sent the bill to escrow and waited for payment at closing. This way my sellers didn’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket. We left the kitchen floor in its present condition, amazingly enough, and it didn’t dissuade buyers at all.

We encouraged buyers to submit their best offer, and sold the home for a little over list price, which was already higher than anything else. It sold at $276,000. There were a few situations to settle during escrow. First, the appraisal came in low, who appraises a condo for $1,000 under the contract price? What kind of appraiser does that? Second, the buyer decided to submit a credit request for the kitchen floor after the home inspection. I’m sorry, did the buyer go blind when she entered the condo initially and walked through the kitchen?  We closed this West Sacramento condo without any concessions, no price reductions, no repairs.

You see, I’m the kind of agent many home buyers tend to remember. Oh, they might not be overjoyed with me at the time, probably poking stick pins into an Elizabeth doll, but when the time comes to sell, you know who they will call. The listing agent who advised the seller not to cave in to their demands, that’s who. They call Elizabeth Weintraub. Not the agent who couldn’t foresee the fruitless effort of submitting a request for repair. That’s just the way it is in this business.

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