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Have You Checked Out the New Macbook Air?

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Never thought this Sacramento Realtor would be purchasing a new MacBook Air, but stranger things have happened. I bought my MacBook Pro 3 years ago and figured it would last a while. Problem is while I have 16 GB to handle all the specific software I use to sell real estate in Sacramento, the hard drive on that MacBook Pro is only 256 GB.

Back in the day, way before MacBook Air, a hard drive with that configuration would be plenty. In fact, I come from the days of 40 pound portable computers with 20 GB hard drives. Not anymore. Especially not with Dropbox and iCloud, which I’ve successfully divvied up between my Mac Mini desktop and my laptop. But now I am down to less than 10% of storage on my laptop, and that is a bad thing, which will only worsen. No external hard drive would solve that dilemma.

The amazing thing about my MacBook Pro versus the MacBook Air is the MacBook Air can run for 12 to 13 hours on its battery. My MacBook Pro lasts 3 hours, if I am really lucky. The resolution is far superior, and it weighs only 2.75 pounds. Since my MacBook Pro was a clean install and not a migration, I can easily migrate data to my MacBook Pro.

Not to mention, I can get a 1.5 TB drive, which is what I ordered. But the really super duper amazing thing is is giving me an $1,100 credit for my MacBook Pro. Which means my husband doesn’t have to haul it off to recycling. And I get a $2,500 machine for about $1,400.

I would have never before considered a MacBook Air for my use in my Sacramento real estate business. But Apple makes this product irresistible.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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